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  1. MariaT

    Specific Make hair colour darker

    Hi Is it possible to make: 1. Hair colour dark brown and a second pic with the above and 2. Face slightly 'longer' and not so round thanks in advance :) x
  2. MariaT

    Improve image quality/sharpness

    Hi all Is it possible to improve the quality of this pic (taken on a low res camera)? I want the blurness out and it more clearer and sharper. thanks in advance x
  3. MariaT

    Remove person and change bikini colour

    Hi If possible can the following changes please be made: Girl on Right: Bikini colour changed to pink Rest of picture: remove other girl! Sea made more 'blue' and background brightened up more (less dull than it looks)...
  4. MariaT

    Change bikini colours

    Is it possible for the following changes? :) Girl on Left: bikini changed to lighter blue Skin tone made more tanned Hair dark brown (as other girl) Girl on Right: bikini changed to white upper body made slightly longer (ie.taller) thanks in...
  5. MariaT

    This site looks amazing!

    Hi, just found this site and I have to say it looks amazing! I've always tried photo editing tools but just never seem to have the skills for it :neutral: Some of the skills you guys have are a real talent, wow! :thumbsup: