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  1. Blacktooth

    Specific Need creative work

    Good day! Im looking for a edit, my steam profile theme is Mongolian, just need help to make it look cool I really want a Mongolian tug banner in the middle, I will the picture added with trees is the steam artwork i would like it on I would love only 1 tug that stands out! Thx!
  2. Blacktooth

    Specific Country Ball request

    Good day! ATTENTION! i am not a neo nazi or nazi! im a monarchist :) that simply loves hitory! ALSO the swastika was used before hitler in the german army! I would like to ask for someone to make me Country ball in Phtotoshop! Please use the following Freikorps flag of post WW1 Germany! So i...
  3. Blacktooth

    Specific Copy a decal

    Good day! i would like someone to copy the Skull and cross bones on the following model tank and its real life counterpart from a beutepanzer from ww1 Germany! I want a plain White skull and cross bones with black background. Size 500x500 pix :p Kind Regards!
  4. Blacktooth

    Creative Political octopie!

    Good day, The octopus has always been a propaganda symbol of evil mostly against Empires. I would like for 2 versions of a octopus like the folowing I want a HD version that just looks good, Same shape as this drawing. 1st version - Nazi German Octopus = This one is like the one in the...
  5. Blacktooth

    Specific Recreate banner

    Good day can someone help me by recrating the following banner, just make it plain, sizes 300x300 no affects needed
  6. Blacktooth

    Specific Copy the flag into a hd jpeg

    Good day can someone remake this flag, same colours etc no waving stuff needed just make it plain, thx Size - 300x300
  7. Blacktooth

    Specific Quik editing needed

    Good day i would like someone to make a beter detailed version of the following Size = 300x200 I made it in paint XD so please just make it so you dont see pixels etc, make symbol also that it can standout from the white background, colours i want is gold and White
  8. Blacktooth

    Specific Remake symbol

    Good day i would like for someone to remake the folowing logo Into the style of the other logo below, no shine on picture please, Size 400X400 (No circle needeed just blue on white)
  9. Blacktooth

    Specific Gaming profile Logo design

    Good day, here to ask for a cool logo with the following. Based of the Saiga antelope, make head logo, white on black background. Size, 300 x 300 Kind regards.
  10. Blacktooth

    Specific Mammoth Skull Logo for Exercitum Ex Mortuis

    Good day, today i ask for a Mammoth Skull logo, The logo i want is the skull facing forward towards you. Delete the back ground of the image. just the skull should be there. i want 2 versions of the image 1. 128x128 pixels .PNG file. 2. 1920x1080. 3. please add some depth? to the...
  11. Blacktooth

    Specific Delete back ground and resize.

    Good day i want to ask if someone can please Delete the background and resize to a 128x128 pixels .PNG file. , and maybe please add some cool effect so that it doesnt look so plain :P Kind Regards.
  12. Blacktooth

    Specific Logo Request

    Good day im looking for some creative minds to help me XD,. So i made a clan in Warframe named the Rattanakosin Empire, based of the Rattanakosin Kingdom. this is a what if this empire is still around in the future? I have the idea of maybe the following. The above is the historical flag of...
  13. Blacktooth

    Specific Warcraft (Black Tooth Grin Clan)

    Good day! I would like some to make the following images into a normal Picture, like normal. Sizes 800X800 and one 1920X1080. The picture below was a failed attempt in paint 3D XD i know im so bad at this. But this is the idea. The following is the Illustrations. (The ziggzagg on the top isnt...