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    Facebook Images.

    I hate Facebook. I've got a poster I've designed for a client that they want to post to their timeline, but when I test it (I've tried several canvas sizes) it's compressing the image and making it blurred. Can anyone tell me the perfect artboard size to use in Photoshop/DPI/Save settings, etc...
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    What do you do for work?

    I'm presuming most people are in design of some type, but not necessarily! I work for a company that manufacture and sell charity collection devices (like the posts on a shop counter for example) and we also offer other merchandise suitable for charities. My job is designing the artwork for...
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    Wordpress & Bootstrap Free Tutorials

    Hi Guys, I figure you all know everything else, so it stands to reason you'll be able to help me with this! :lol: I want to learn how to create my own themes in Wordpress, and I've also read about (and separately been recommended) using the Bootstrap framework to do so. Now, I do have I would...
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    Brush Preset Tool won't let me change my brush?

    Hi guys, I've got a list of brushes in my brush preset tool (the Kyle Webster brushes) I've selected the brush tool, opened the tool preset, clicked on the brush I want to use, and it won't change. It highlights that brush, as though it is selected, then when I draw with it, it's still the...
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    Illustrator Printing in the bottom left in Illustrator

    I'm using a machine that prints onto a roll of vinyl, and what we usually do here is print in the bottom left corner (in Corel Draw) via the print settings. Is it possible to define "bottom left corner" as the "print from" area in Illustrator, as it is in Corel Draw? I bloody hate Corel Draw...