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    How do I draw a wavy line, select a path, and then follow it with text?

    I'm having real trouble with knowing which tools and which settings to use. I've tried looking for tutorials and they all seem to be for a different version of Photoshop than I'm using. I have CS5. Here's an example of sort of what I want to be able to do: Except that I want to be able to...
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    How can I get embossed previews and/or 3D text effects for business cards and logos?

    Hi, I have noticed that some people are able to produce previews of their logo designs on business cards, stationary, and the like. How do they do that? Is it using a different program, or is it using Photoshop or Illustrator? I currently have Adobe Master Suite CS 5.5 installed on my system...
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    Transitioning from PSP 8.1 to Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CS 5.5

    Hi there, I'm totally new to Photoshop. I've just had Adobe Master Suite CS 5.5 installed and I'm trying to work out what works best for my tasks, Photoshop or Illustrator (or a combination of the two) I've currently been using Jasc's Paint Shop Pro version 8.1 for YEARS and love how it works...