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    Image/header or logo for webpage - 10$ / paypal.

    Hi guys. You´ve helped me lot of times before, so once again i ask for your help :) I am trying/working on a new homepage, and am i the process of making names for it - and ive been kinda stuck on the word Cooney for some time now, and ive been trying to make a cool logo/header for the site...
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    Rremove background from wallpaper

    hi guys, i have theese 3 backgrounds with cheryl cole, that ive tried to remove the background on. But it doesnt look that good, so i hope that someone inhere is kind and help me. Is it possible to edit the background away so that it is just one color? On the one with the clouds, it could be...
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    Header/logo for homepage

    Hi all, i posted a thread earlier searching for someone to help me make some images for my homepage. Now im back again, i changed theme on the site after some users commented on it, and now i dont think that the images i have is the right ones, even though moeller helped me ALOT. Mostly its the...
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    REQUEST: Images/logos for homepage. Pays 25 $ (us dollars)

    Hi guys, i am in the process of making a danish iphone forum. I´ve used php fusion, and in that theres alot of "standard" images for ex news categories. I was hoping that someone inhere could help me with making new images with danish language and other pictures, also i need an header for the...
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    REQUEST: Background for homepage

    Hi guys, im trying to make this iphone forum and for that im in need of a background for the homepage. again with my limited photoshop skills, i ask for you guys to help me out. Dimensions should be 1600x1000 and in the middle theres the forum part. Ive uploaded a picture for you to see what i...
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    Request: Help with tattoo

    Hi all. I had a very good experience the first time i did a request on the forum, so this time i hope for the same kindness :) Ive decided to get a new tattoo, and i have a cupple of ideas, the problem is that im not that creative so i hope that some of you can help me. its on my arm, and it...
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    Request: Logo for CounterStrike Clan

    Hi guys. Im trying to start a cs clan, and is working on the website, but im not good at all to photoshop, so i would be very happy, if one of you guys could help me. The clan name is supposed to be onlyheadshot. Its a topbanner for the website im looking for (The picture in the top of the...
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    Hi all - new user.

    Hi all. Im new user on the site, and not a very experienced user in photoshop. I am from Denmark, 27 years old and working at Carlsberg :) Ill start out with my first question - is there a thread to make request? and how does the community respons to requests? Thanks guys. Thomas