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    copyright blah blah but now you must act

    Thanks for the insight. I do not see that this will pass, but the petition has my vote!
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    copyright blah blah but now you must act

    This seems insane. Do you have a link to the official documentation from Parliament?
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    Can anyone help in achieving this B&W effect?

    It looks to me like a high pass filter has been used. You can usually tell by the halo effect around high contrasting edges (like the hair and the background in this case). Duplicate the image, go to Filter - Other - High Pass. Adjust it to your liking and then set that top layer to overlay.
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    DeLores-del Rio Colorization-comments please

    The colors look pretty good, but in my opinion it's lacking depth. try to incorporate the subtleties (mainly highlights). Look at the hair and notice how you can almost see individual strands of hair, but on yours it is very different. Try to keep these details. Edit: Looking at it again I've...
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    Create layers for 8 'colours' set using artistic cutout filter?

    Could you post the results that you are getting? I can have a look if you upload your psd file.
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    Colour replacement help!

    I know this answer is probably slightly different than what you're expecting but.... Anyway I noticed that the white balance was pretty off and making the image look extremely warm. What I suggest is to correct this and mask out the lips and nails. This will create a nice contrast between the...
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    How do you ***insert** (not add over) a line in Photoshop CS6?

    I'm lost as well. If you could perhaps post the psd of your attempt, that might allow us understand your situation better.
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    Crumpled corner effect

    No problem. It turned out pretty good!
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    Crumpled corner effect

    Most likely they used a stock photograph and overlaid the artwork over the top (what's your experience in Ps to give you better guidance). They probably used some kind of textured brush to then reveal the book underneath. As you can see the two bottom corners are identical so it's only one side...
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    Using content-aware fill with smart objects

    That sounds like the most efficient way to me. Ps can only manipulate raster layers in this manner so that's why you'll need to rasterize every time. May I ask what's the reason of keeping it as a smart object in your case.?
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    White background to transparent - getting a really clean edge?

    The process that you've explained works well for cancelling out a white background, only to a certain degree though. Since the logo itself contains a lot of white you can see that it would turn a lesser shade (in the example below, a light pink). Another problem would be that you have a lot of...
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    Marilyn Monroe Recolour

    Nice one. How long did you spend on it?
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    Copy and pasting from PDF

    This doesn't happen when I copy and paste it into Photoshop from Acrobat Reader (Windows 8). The only thing I could suggest is resetting your Photoshop preferences if you haven't tried so already. Also are you using Adobe's own PDF reader? If so make sure it's up to date, if not give it a try.
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    Sharpening or similar operation with layers

    The above that iDad suggested works and is valid, however a faster way of doing this would be to create a new blank layer then go to Image - Apply Image. This will apply whatever is visible onto the top selected layer. You can then use filters.
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    BATTLE.... Keeping it simple and fun!

    Get ready for random...
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    How to make PS show your actual print size (in case it's not already)

    Here's something that will help with your actual ppi and will be more accurate than a tape measure. PPI Calculator
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    Image for web - quality problem

    The number '180' you are referring to is the ppi or pixels per inch. This number can be completely ignored if you are producing for the web. Don't change the ppi, just alter the pixel dimensions.
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    Image for web - quality problem

    I think you might be confused. The pixel width + height = resolution. In this instance dimension and resolution can be used interchangeably.
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    Image for web - quality problem

    It doesn't matter one bit. It will still be exactly the same image as long as the resolution is the same.
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    New fonts wont appear on photoshop

    What OS do you have? If it's Windows this might be of help -