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    Restoration fix dicoloration

    Hi! can someone please help me fix the discoloration on the bottom of my face? This was taken a while back and my cell phone back then was not the best quality. Thanks so much!
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    Specific Upscale Graphic

    I know this is a repeat but I think I accidentally deleted the last thread
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    Specific Upscale Graphic

    Can someone make this graphic at least 4k? I'm trying to print a poster.
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    Paid Re-create Graphic

    Can someone please try recreate this poster: And on the yellow space, can you also place his signature there? Ideally this should be 3 x 4
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    Paid Add Muscle $5

    Can you make my arm muscles bigger? PM please, should not take long
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    Specific Color Change

    I have created this graphic but san someone please help me change this color into a truqoise (#33F3FF) for the letters and also for the hole of the big C, fill it in with dark blue(#0F03A5)?
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    Specific Remove Background

    it works. Thanks!!.
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    Specific Remove Background

    Here is another link of the image:
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    Specific Remove Background

    Can someone please help remove any gray parts from the picture and make it transparent instead? Thanks!
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    Specific Re-create Graphic

    THank you so much!!
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    Specific Re-create Graphic

    Can someone please help me re-create the graphic on this t shirt? I am trying to use this in a poster for my room. Thanks!
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    Specific Remove Symbol

    cool. Thanks so much to you both!
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    Specific Remove Symbol

    Is it possible to get rid of the black border? Thanks so much!
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    Specific Remove Symbol

    Hi! can someone please help me remove the faked nike swoosh and make the text white? Thanks!
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    Specific Increase Resolution

    Hi, is someone able to increase the clarity of the text on the picture and crop out the background? Also, would you be able to straighten the text? It would be much appreciated.
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    Just an amateur hoping to learn more of Photoshop