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    wet paint/plastic effect

    hi, can the layer fx section be used to create shiny paint/plastic effects on shapes? if i make a selection around an object (not simple shape), can i then add layer effects to this selection when it's on it's own layer? thanks
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    replace texture 3D

    Hi, when selecting Replace Texture for a 3D image, can another 3D image be added here or can it only be a 2D image? Thanks
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    importing files

    Hi guys, if I have an AI file for illustrator and import that into photoshop. If that is opened as a rasterized file, can I convert it to a smart object to get the vector like quality of the image?
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    add colour to a radial gradient

    hi, i have created a radial gradient fill layer but i want the lighter part in the middle to be coloured instead of black and white. how do i do this? appreciate the help. kind regards
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    struggling with a mask effect

    hi, i’m new here and to photoshop. i have tried a tutorial from a website and one of the steps is drawing a mask on the image then filling it but to look realistic like a ceramic mask. i just don’t understand the instructions as there is no video and i was wondering if someone could be kind...