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    3D Dragon.

    Some of you older members might remember this project from a while back.Finally almost finished it :) Stu.
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    3D Maxon Cinema 4D R9

    Its just been announced guys :) Very nice it is too.
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    3D Mystical Grotto

    The idea here is that the crystal tree is some kind of surreal and huge and natural formation,something people,maybe Hobbits or something come to look at,hence the little door and the railing. C4D and PS.with an insane amount of caustics set in the end [stuned] Stu.
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    3D Space docking bay.

    This is a scene I am working on at the moment,am now knee deep in key frames [confused] Used C4D and PS for multi passes. 800x 500 hence the zip and sit. Stu.
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    A good giggle

    Check it out,it will enthrall you for ages thinking of different things to try :D
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    3D Sky station thingy

    C4D and PS using multi passes :) Around 400,000 polys on a 15 inch monitor,hence making good use of PS :D Its still very WIP. Stu.
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    I watched the Superbowl on ESPN for the first time today,I enjoyed it too :D We did not get the cool ads I hear so much about though :( Just curious 70,000 spectators at the game in the stadium,so how much is an average ticket for the game? I know a 30 sec commercial is 2.3...
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    Great retouching work.

    This guy is very good.Check out the retouching examples they have a mouseover for before and after.
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    Beach still

    Cinema 4D and PS once more :)
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    Sand creature thingy

    I have not posted anything for yonks ;\ ,so heres a scene which still needs quite a bit of work in the background I used C4D and PS if anyone is wondering :) I like the golden type warm tones in it myself. Stu.
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    Photoshop CS - just released.

    Its kind of hard to tell whether this is a semi upgrade or version 8 or an just an add on to 7 [stuned] ,but theres some new goodies to upgrade to anyway :) Stu.
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    TODAY - Is our Keepers B day

    Yes everyone today is Mark the Keepers Birthday :} Have a really great one bud :D :righton: Ok now Stu is off to hide somewhere,cos I am gonna be killed for this. Stu.
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    3D Dragon wip

    Ok heres the Dragon wip I have been talking about :) Still very much wip.Head not in its final shape,mesh not as clean as I want it yet either. Stu.
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    Inspiration Need I say more :D Stu.
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    Check this out guys :D Its like 3d Terragen,only you build a 3d world,then you can fly around in it.You can make animation of all of it,for instance do a fly in from space into your world,fly right down to the bottom of say a mountain form outer space and the image quality remains the...
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    Stunning art work

    This guy simply blows me away :) Stu.
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    Bad disk sector

    Well I am gonna be Photoshop less for a while.I have a bad sector on my HD and PS was sitting right on top of it,so I removed PS and it made no difference. Imac OS 9.1 512m These are the things I have tried. Run Disk doctor,progress bar gets to about one quarter of the way...
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    Some inspiration for us all

    I just found this link as I know we are all interested in painting as well I thought everybody might enjoy it :D Stu.
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    Excellent PS color info

    If you ever wanted to know how to setup the color settings in Photoshop 5.5 or 6 then check out this site :D Stu.
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    Favorite filter

    What is your favorite filter or tool and why? Stu.