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    Overlap/Superposition: color change

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows how it works as it does in the image below, when two colors overlap, they change into a different one (specifically one in the color palet used by this artist, @kid_woof on insta). Thanks!
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    Dot Gradient effect

    Hi guys, I´ve been trying to figure out hoy to do this effect, and still cant figure out how to do it as bold as the example im going to show you. Most of the times I end up using Noise or Mezzotint effects, and then degrading it with the rubber tool on different oppacities. I would really...
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    Hey im Luis!

    Hey guys, im Luis froma argentina, and started using Photoshop more frecuently about a year ago. I mainly work with illustration and am looking for advice, if possible, cheers!