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  1. siodre

    change wedding dress colour from black to ivory

    make a blank layer and paint ivory over the dress. change the blending mode to difference. after that use a duplicate background layer, drag it on top and use blend if to change the diamonds back to white. this method keeps the dress from pixelating.
  2. siodre

    change wedding dress colour from black to ivory

    not really, i just used blending modes and blend if.
  3. siodre

    change wedding dress colour from black to ivory

    here's my try - disregard the quick and crappy cutout job around the hand.
  4. siodre

    How to give a house picture the "blue sky" "sparkling light" effect

    a great site to tell you when blue hour is and some other articles. and outdoor photos taken during blue hour.
  5. siodre

    How to give a house picture the "blue sky" "sparkling light" effect

    to be honest, no photoshop is needed. it is used to polish what is already captured, but the brilliant blue sky and lights were already there. you don't need a long exposure. just shoot during blue hour, that hour before sunrise and after sunset when the sky loses the reddish hues and turns...
  6. siodre

    Any one on deviantART?

    jackish on deviantART
  7. siodre

    Choco Kettle

    so does the tea taste like chocolate?
  8. siodre

    Help with crack

    well if you've ever extracted caffeine from tea bags it's the same thing. just start out with cocoa leaves instead of tea bags... oh, oops, sorry, i guess i spent too much time in organic chem lab in college. those were the days... if you don't want to extract the cracks with a mask or other...
  9. siodre

    CS5 vs. Elements 10

    ditto. also try adobe lightroom for processing your raw files and converting them to jpg for photoshop.
  10. siodre

    Photoshop Challenge Week #4

    bit uneventful at work tonight so had another go with the puppet warp... this time with the avatar.
  11. siodre

    Photoshop Challenge Week #4

    was working on this one anyway. just some minor transform edits, but it works for the challenge, used transform scale, distort and warp on the rocks below. used scale and warp on the volcano (mountain) to give it the proper size to fit on the back of the fish and warp to make the bottom not so...
  12. siodre

    How can I achieve this?

    try using the photocopy filter to get the b&w silhouette. or if you're feeling ambitious use the pen tool to make a path around the outline of the subject you want to be black then fill the selection. after that it's pretty much what dv8 said, use a layer filled with white or a light texture.
  13. siodre

    My Wallpapers and Fotomanipulations

    great work, can't wait to see more.
  14. siodre

    squid harbor

    thanks ekinoks and belial. don't worry, this phase will be long gone and i'll have new material and ideas thought up by the time my next month of midnight shifts comes around.. wednesday night is my last night of freedom before day shift hell.
  15. siodre

    squid harbor

    thanks vafann and dv8. lol, i pretty much used everything from the turtle island manip and just replaced the turtle and mountains with a squid and lighthouse. i was being lazy and using the excuse of "it'll all match if it's the same." the worst part is finding the right stock images to use...
  16. siodre

    Photoshop CS Pen Tool help

    check your brush settings to make sure you don't have something like fade enabled.
  17. siodre

    squid harbor

  18. siodre

    100% mine # 2

    very nice, the only thing that really jumps out at me is the perspective of the building and the grass in front of it. it's good to the left of the girl, but looks really high to the right.
  19. siodre

    does this image look post processed?

    if it was post processed i'd say they didn't do anything more than adjust the white balance, contrast, saturation and sharpen. just the standard workflow.