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  1. Stric9

    Few photos of my puppies

    Since dogs/puppies are hot topic atm, I took a few photos of mine. Although they would be bite size for Zeealex's.
  2. Stric9

    Photoshop Challenge Week #10

    Hey everybody give a round of applause to Paul for week 9 challenge. Thanks Paul for asking me to do challenge number 10. This week may seem like kind of a drag to some but I enjoy working with channels and channel based selections. So this week we have HAIR SELECTIONS. For Hair...
  3. Stric9

    Freelance section

    Just a reminder to everyone that the freelance section will never get going if everyone just keeps doing work for free even if it IS posted in the general section. Why post things in the freelance section if everybody just does them anyway in the general section for free. If someone wants...
  4. Stric9

    Made my first gif today

    For a fellow gaming clan member.
  5. Stric9

    One of my wallpapers

    Did this a year or so ago after watching a tutorial video. Guitar pictures are of my guitar, other images were from the web.
  6. Stric9

    Good website for tutorial videos

    Has anyone ever visited here Free Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks, Bridge, and Golive Video Tutorials :: Welcome to I particularly like the tuts on hair selection and changing hair color from brunette to blonde. But still slot of other good info there.
  7. Stric9

    Before and After

    Here is a before and after compilation of a couple of pictures that a friend had taken.
  8. Stric9

    Stric9 here,

    Hey all, I'm Stric9. I don't consider myself a newbie to photoshop, but I'm no pro either. Looking forward to learning alot from you all and putting in my 2cents from time to time.