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  1. Stric9

    How can i do this effect?

    I can't give you a step by step walkthrough on the rings, but what it looks like to me is a couple of concentric circles that have been distorted with a variety of grunge, and light type brushes. If you want to use that exact set of rings you could always make a brush out of it. To define a...
  2. Stric9

    How can i do this effect?

    This is just a guide, you will need to decide upon the best numbers for your project. 1) Start with a black background 2) Create a new layer and draw what ever object it is that you want the effect on with a white brush. 3) Use the color balance adjustment layer to adjust the color. 4)...
  3. Stric9

    How can i do this effect?

    I will put something together for you tomorrow if time permits.
  4. Stric9

    How can i do this effect?

    This effect can be achieved by using a color balance adjustment layer when you use a black background and a white brush. I use this method to make fire using smoke brushes. Depending on which direction you shift the hue will make the effect cold or hot so to speak. Remember to adjust all three...
  5. Stric9

    Rx-7 Photoshop request

    This is a fairly basic photo manipulation. Take you pen tool and trace out the car and copy to a new layer. Use a hue and saturation adjustment on the red and magenta sliders to change the lightness to 100 and saturation to 0 clip to the new layer. wheels and tint are similar turn the...
  6. Stric9

    Easiest way to clip

    I personally think that if the images all have a solid white background then learning to do a channel based selection would be faster then tracing every little fold in an article of clothing. The rose background was added so you can see the edge more clearly. This selection methold takes...
  7. Stric9

    Photo edit Request

    Merry Christmas.
  8. Stric9

    How to make trees look better? uni task

    I will say Artem32 that channels based selections take a bit of practice but with effort can produce results that other methods can't produce.
  9. Stric9

    How to make trees look better? uni task

    Thats why I posted the psd instead of just a screen shot. Artm32 you can look at the channels selection I made along with the blend if info. Channels based selection method I commonly use can be found here. Blend if...
  10. Stric9

    How to make trees look better? uni task

    I took a crack at it. It helps me alot on something like this to use a channels selection method along with blend if.
  11. Stric9

    Picture taken with high brightness

    This picture was way over exposed. This is the best I can do with it. The solid white area are clipped and you can't regain that data. In my opinion the best tools for working on this are in Camera Raw. Click Edit>prefrences>file handling> then select this option. Then open your image and...
  12. Stric9

    Matching lighting of two pictures for a scientific research project

    I still think that something is off. If you look at this screen capture of what ibis posted, you can see that the respective swatches give diffrent results in them. Now if the everything was constant and the white balance was corrected they should give the same color right? I would think...
  13. Stric9

    knocking out lower layer

    Try these settings highlighted in red and see if that helps.
  14. Stric9


    No need to be scared of bearded dragons. They are usually very docile. (which you probably already know) I wanted to get a couple but my Mrs. said no. Had iguanas which are much more aggressive, and that's it for her. Sticking to dogs these days. Nice pics btw.
  15. Stric9

    Few photos of my puppies

    They provide so much joy and companionship. We love the long haired, they are just so beautiful.
  16. Stric9

    Few photos of my puppies

    Thanks to both of you for your kind words. Zoey is red reverse dapple female and Roman is a chocolate and tan male. My wife and I bought them back in February. Zoey does look like she is either lost in thought or daydreaming of the outside.
  17. Stric9

    Few photos of my puppies

    Since dogs/puppies are hot topic atm, I took a few photos of mine. Although they would be bite size for Zeealex's.
  18. Stric9

    Need help removing an image on a picture

    Clare you beat me again. :-(
  19. Stric9

    Need help removing an image on a picture

    If the image has been flattened you can't do anything but use your imagination.