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  1. Krasaglobal

    Processing Workflow Order and why?

    Hi guys, thanks for the info I've found on here, it's been awesome! So I'm trying to come up with a routine (GLAMOUR) to process my photos and want to know if there's anything that should be done before or after you do another task? I'll open in lightroom where I crop (my pro friend says she...
  2. Krasaglobal

    Is this the best way to fix this?

    Hi guys, I'm starting to work on a bunch of photos for a photoshoot I did a couple of weeks ago. I have about 120 photos to process. The main issue I have is the background I used has wrinkles in it. I know how to select subject, select and mask, then save as new layer. From there I...
  3. Krasaglobal

    Trying to open Sony ARW files in Photoshop

    Hi Guys, I'm just getting started on this photoshop thing and there's lots of great info on here so thanks for the great resources so far. I'm using a Sony a6300 camera and have set it save files as JPEG and RAW/ARW When I go to open them in photoshop, all I get is the Camera Raw 12.3 that...
  4. Krasaglobal


    Hi guys, I know some things in photoshop but there are some serious holes in my knowledge! Looking for help to quickly accelerate my process! Thanks in advance