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    Definitly not showing off, need input

    Yeah i posted in the main forum, that i am having some self doubt about my work.... i have been in photoshop for 12 years and am self taught.... this image has potential but right now i think it was blended poorly.... idk i wouldn't sell it as is.... any input... I am not a photoshop master nor...
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    Riddled with self doubt....

    I have worked in Photoshop for about 12 years, I used to own a pretty successful Working Gallery back east.... I moved out to California and have not really sold much work, I have not even tried. i have been really busy with other stuff. But now i find myself without people to bounce my work off...
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    Illustrator Make pattern tool AI PS6

    forget it .. I figured it out, thank you for the complex help received
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    Illustrator Make pattern tool AI PS6

    This doesn't seem like a complicated application. I would really appreciate some help applying my pattern. Thank you
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    Illustrator Make pattern tool AI PS6

    Hello, My first post here. I am a glassblower and also a photographer/Photoshop geek Artist in general. Recently We have the ability to mix Glassblowing with Graphic Design. I am really proficient in PS but never got into Illustrator, cause i never really needed it until now with the "trace"...