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    Save for Web

    Hi When saving images to my website I have always used "Save to Web" . Then PS moved it and I assumed they were planning on doing away with this feature so what I just reduced images on my own. I would have some large 5000 plus pixels wide images and I would go into Image - Image size - Reduce...
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    Polygonal Lasso Tool automatically subtracts after selecting.

    Hi Windows 10 Photoshop CC When I use the Polygonal Lasso tool I have the box chosen "add to selection" I have been using that to select and select more and when I want to subtract I select the "subtract from selection box" Now for no reason once I select something the tool automatically...
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    Assigning Color Profile confusion-Please help

    Hi - lost my settings and now I'm not sure what to do about color profile. Using Photoshop CC on Windows 10 laptop I do renderings of house colors for people. When I open up a photo in PS a screen pops up asking about the color profile. See attached. I actually don't remember what I did before...
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    Moving one image into another image problem

    Hi - using Windows 10 Photoshop CC I am working on an image that is basically a large chart made of over 100 small images. There are about 20 rows. Each row has 10 images across. I am working with a split screen. I drag the new image into my chart to the row I would like it to be. However...
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    Polygonal Lasso Tool help

    Hi I am having a problem with the polygonal lasso tool. I make my selection then go to make another selection. What happens is that once I finish my first selection, the tool changes from add to subtract automatically. I make my second selection thinking it is adding only to find out I have to...
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    New Laptop, New PS CC, jpeg colors are off

    Hi - I would really appreciate some help. New Lenova thinkpad Laptop New download of Photoshop CC running Windows 10 calibrated with Spyder 5 pro My old laptop and my second monitor - all images look alike and colors look correct My new laptop matches to them also but only when viewing in PS...
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    New PC settings

    Hi - I have a new Lenova laptop 1) I am currently using CS5. Is there a way to import my settings from my old computer? Also for bridge? 2) If not, what is the best way to set it up? 3) I'm not sure but thinking about upgrading to CC. How should I set the settings? Thanks! puppychew
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    Grayscale and color brightness

    Hi. In PS CS5 I create a selection and desaturate the selection using Hue/Saturation. I then apply a color I want using the hexidecimal number. I have been adjusting the lightness level through hue/saturation by sight and it usually looks pretty good. However I need the color to look as accurate...
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    I must have hit something by mistake - Color Overlay

    Hi I have a Color Overlay problem. When I enter the box to select the overlay color, I would see a vertical bar with all the colors, red, blue, green, yellow etc. I don't know what I did because not when I go in there this is what I see - see attachment. How can I get the vertical box back to...
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    Spyder Pro 5 Calibration problems

    Hello - I had a big problem with color calibration a while back which I had some wonderful help for here ( ) but now I am back with a new problem. I have Windows 10 and am using...
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    Unable to Mask Object

    Hi I am not able to mask an object. In the attached ps file there is an arrow pointing to a stone wall that was masked. The image although ghostly cannot be masked. Opacity is 100% Flow is 100% Brush hardness 100%
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    Making color appear glossy

    Hi Attached is a photo of part of a house that is painted but the paint appears dull and flat. I had applied new paint colors but the existing paint is old and dull. I would like to make it look more glossy. Is this possible?
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    Free Transform of Smart Object

    Hello - I combined 3 layers into a smart object. However when I attempt to do a free transform, the entire image is boxed in. I would like to upload the file but am having difficulty. Is there a size limit for upload? It is 15MB
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    jpeg color does not match Photoshop color

    I worked hard trying to get the perfect colors before saving to a jpeg. When viewing the jpec on the computer the colors look too saturated. I am not too concerned with printing. Is there anything I can do?
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    Free Transform box moves

    Hi - please see the attached. I brought shutters in to this file as a smart object. I resized them to fit the windows using Free Transform. They came out good. But when I attempt to tweak them the transform box is way to the upper left and therefore none of the shutters can be adjusted. What...
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    Making wood trim in PS

    Hi, I frequently add wood molding on to an image of a house. It has been working OK so far but after a real lot of playing around. I really don't know if I'm doing it the right way of if there is a better way since it takes so long. What I have been doing is creating a new layer and making a...
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    Free Transform box moves

    Hi - I have used the Transform function to alter the shape of an object. It worked fine. Later I needed to tweak it. I went into the Transform function and the box with the little grips was way over on the opposite side of the screen. Something similar had happened before. My small...
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    making smart objects smaller

    Hi I am putting an exterior light fixture on a image of a house. I saved the image of the fixture from a catalog, made a good selection, then a smart object, and dragged it on to the house. It was a nice quality but when I transform-scaled it to 90% smaller the quality was awful when zooming...
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    Unhiding Crop Hide

    Hi, I cropped an image using the hide instead of delete option. How can I unhide the crop?
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    Color matching, grayscale confusion

    Hi, I am using PShop CS5 Goal: To change the paint color on a clients house matching it to a paint chip. Result is mostly for monitor viewing, maybe some will be printed out. I know there are limits and monitors vary and colors are difficult to match but hoping to get as close a possible. My...