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    text how to match a black outline

    hi PSG i am trying to work out how to try match up the outline of the text "Free Quotation" up to "Handyman" many thanks guys.
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    WHY does Rectangular Marquee tool have soft edges?

    hi PSG Can anybody help me know what i need to press to return the tool to straight edges.
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    hello PSG. i was just wondering if this is possible to restore to its original quality as seen on the photo BORDER. I would be very grateful if somebody could advise me of HOW. i am of limited skills, so here is hoping it can be done. I am wishing to keep all the photo and not crop it. i am new...
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    hello everyone. looking forward to this my name is Deano.

    Hey there. this is brand new to me using a forum. so navigating a new membership is hard enough let alone advancing my skills. heres to the challenge.