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  1. Dianoban

    How to keep image at center of working space?

    Photoshop cc 2021 Windows 10 home 64b. 20H2 When an image is opened for editing, I usually enlarge the is to check the details. The image does not return to its original place, i.e. at the center of the working space as it is opened. How to pre-set the Photoshop so it returns to the center...
  2. Dianoban

    How to adjust the ACR window to fit the monitor screen?

    Have just replaced my old monitor with a new one. The old one's screen ratio was 2:3, fit the screen just right. But the new one's screen is 16:9. It is all right if no RAW file is opened. Once a RAW file is opened and ACR window covers the entire screen and extends way out of the borders. I...
  3. Dianoban

    Does Shake Reduction of Photoshop cc 2018 increase the amount of noise?

    Camera : Sony a7M2 Lens : Carl Zeiss Planar 1.4/85 Mode : M Quality : RAW Subject : Dogs ISO : 200 Aperture: f/2.8 Shutter : 1/250s Photoshop cc 2018 I often shoot our large Husky in a national park near by. Some of the images shot in cloudy weather are not quite sharp. Shake...
  4. Dianoban

    Color tone variations between PS CC 2018 & ACR

    Raw file is opened & edited in Camera Raw in Photoshop cc 2018. The entire color tone is obviously quite warm when the edited file is opened to Photoshop cc 2017 via Open Image. Do not know whether the color tone is too warm in PS or too cold in ACR. But the difference is obvious. How to...
  5. Dianoban

    Post Processing Canvas extension color is on strike

    Canvas extension color is on strike Sony ARW file Photoshop CC 2017 The file was edited by Camera Raw. It was then opened in Photoshop from Camera Raw by open image. I wanted to make a canvas extension and found the canvas extension color was on strike. Tested with other files. No...
  6. Dianoban

    Why file size is reduced when an image is merged with a frame?

    Why file size is reduced when an image is merged with a frame? Computer: Desktop Windows 10 home 64b. 1803. Camera: Sony a7ii with vintage prime lenses and Canon Rebel T6s with 18-135 zoom. Image: Raw files (ARW & CR2) Process: Raw files are processed in Camera Raw Save as: Usually images are...