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  1. Hoogle

    Earth From Space real time footage live now

    Not PS related but pretty cool all live feed from international space Station
  2. Hoogle

    For Chris_designs as Ipad pro or SUrface Pro for digital art as I am here

    Ok so whilst I was in hospital I got obsessed with these colouring in books for adults, even now at final stages of Recovery I still do them as they distract me from the world and relax me but today I purchased a cool 1 that made me think of CHris. It is £1 well spent if you ask me. And for...
  3. Hoogle

    Good alternatives to lightroom (free)

    Does anyone know any good alternatives to Adobe lightroom that is free, Autodesk Pixlr looks like the best at the moment on quick look on google, However I will describe what it is for then maybe you can best oint me in the right direction. I am starting a local photography club with my local...
  4. Hoogle

    The Youtube/Twitch for Artist

    Check it out if you ever want to watch peoples workflow hey can always do more streamers streaming photoshop, this is flooded with anime style art but it is really for any style of art and it is all live streaming I love it especially as you can do NSFW etc and no copyright strikes for music...
  5. Hoogle

    Hoogle minecraft speedart

    Not really a PS related except for colour correction and the odd effect, but on another forum people wanted to see what was involved, this is server specific and on a new channel dedicated to that server. Just thought I would post it to see if it generates interest.
  6. Hoogle

    Merry Xmas PSG And Update on me...

    So some of you may be wondering where I am and how I am keeping my title, Well the truth is I do not know why I still have my title but I can explain where I have been. The best part of the last year I have been in and out of Hospital due to a condition called Tumor lysis syndrome amongst many...
  7. Hoogle

    Actions Free long shadow Action Download

    Here is a free action which will allow you to create a long shadow action as I know it is tedious to make individual icons without some sort of automation. Create a new document 300 X 300 with a resolution of 300 and a transparant background. rest is explained in the action if you are new to...
  8. Hoogle

    Installing previous versions of Photoshop (or adobe Programs)

    It has been quite a bit talked about quite a lot mainly people being annoyed that the latest update of photoshop cc 2014 has removed the oil painting filter, So here is a quick guide to install previous versions without messing up current installs. Load up your adobe creative cloud app and...
  9. Hoogle

    1 For the Mac guys & Gals ps alternative

    Free download while in Beta looks impressive and maybe a real competitor against Photoshop, especially as when it is launched it will only be a 1 off payment of $39 and free upgrades from there. Serif Affinity Photo check it out here
  10. Hoogle

    Multiple Challenges for all members

    No 30/30 rules here or anything along the lines of winners etc this is purely a chance for you to show your work to us and potential new Freelance job posters. There is no sneaky motive behind this we are just posting guidelines for recommended pricing and examples of what job they are after...
  11. Hoogle

    Backing up your files

    Ok this may be off topic but I feel people just don't learn, as a summed up I.T Engineer being the main bulk of my work on a daily basis I am confronted with people either really annoyed or in tears because they have failed to back up their important photos or work files including essays or...
  12. Hoogle

    Group Challenge for Portfolio website design & Branding

    I thought we could try something different I have always said I see PSG as a place where people are looking to improve their skills and take them to the next level. So lets look at a real life situation 1 of the more common things freelance designers are asked to do create a name/brand (if not...
  13. Hoogle

    Anybody have a similar font to this The name is Chipa Black I am working on redoing a clients Logo and Ibelieve this is the font originally used but sheis not interested in spending the extra $70 or anything for that matter on the font to use it. We are not even 100% sure it is that...
  14. Hoogle

    This would actually be fun to do

    mmm wouldnt you love to do something like this
  15. Hoogle

    understand light live seminar free broadcasting now
  16. Hoogle

    free cs2 free download for previous owners Edited Thread. It appears that I jumped to early on some error. Yesterday I watched a video that appeared to be giving out wrong information, Since then the video has been removed with the link. When Paul MR responded to...
  17. Hoogle

    Microsoft Publisher help

    Yeah I know this is not the place but I have been searching for an hour now and cant find the solution. Ok so when creating PDFs I can do this without thinking but I need to do this in Publisher. I need to be able to write text in 1 text box and make those fields duplicate into a 2nd box so...
  18. Hoogle

    Has anyone preordered Mac Pro

    SO just out of interest I was just on the mac site looking at the preorders and configuration of the new Mac Pro I am very tempted even though you wont get much change from $5000 even if you go basic models by the time you add the monitors etc. I have been told their are super secret promotion...
  19. Hoogle

    Donate your images for PSG stock usage

    Hi there folks, I have started this thread because I was looking to start doing more tutorials. (For here not my other sites I should add.) Problem being it is easier to follow a tutorial if your using the same image as the tutorial but that is easier said than done, it is unethical to...
  20. Hoogle

    a joke against apple fans lol

    ok not 1 to pass on these trolling videos normally a client sent me this and I had to laugh. no offence idad just all in good humour now breathe and count to 10