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  1. Hoogle

    Free Photoshop Work

    I do totally agree with what you say JerryD doing work upon request is a great way to improve your skills, It is very easy for anyone to sit their and create some kind of design for personal use, but doing a design to order for someone else is where most the learning skills come in. But I have...
  2. Hoogle

    GeForce Experience hijacks ctrl +1, +2, +3 functionality.

    Just remap the shortcuts in photoshop so that they use different keys, I also think you can remap them in geforce experience. Personally I use a logitech G13 gaming board it is like a mini keyboard but you can map macros to different keys and save profiles so they only work with selected...
  3. Hoogle

    computer WAAY too slow when rendering video

    change your recording settings from your phantom to h.264 compressed and then use adobe media encoder to render the video, just remember though you can render out at AVI losless which will be the quickest but you will end up with video files in gigabytes compared to a compressed version like...
  4. Hoogle

    Is there a free plugin that's similar to Fractarlius?

    you can use topaz Glow if it is just a 1 off project i believe it comes with a 14 day trial.
  5. Hoogle

    Pixelsquid to become a subcription model

    normally when something like this happens, especially when they offer 1 year for the price of 1 month subscription probably means that they know something we don't. I almost guarantee that adobe are going to launch something similar for cc members afterall they have a deal with Maxon cinema 4d...
  6. Hoogle

    After Effects Synching video with audio

    Thats a bit rude, maybe the OP did not like the video either but was more interested in the technique for other projects. As for how it is done, it is not very hard it is however very time consuming, you will need lots of clips. I do not use Sony Vegas or Premier pro enough to give you...
  7. Hoogle

    easy colour removal from "painted" images

    I think your confusing what I said Most of the time you pay for an image to be made which is exclusive to you. Meaning you buy the image outright with a license to do with it what you like. THis is the norm for high end production and corporate work. Where as Hire someone for work means you...
  8. Hoogle

    easy colour removal from "painted" images

    Counter Argument on the images (without seeing any contract drawn) Most of the time you pay for an image to be made which is exclusive to you, and within the transaction it becomes the Purchasers image to do what they like with. This is because you have paid someone to make something for you...
  9. Hoogle

    How to make realistic glowing LED effect

    JUst playing with layer style in blending modes and this is what I got Quickly using this FONT You will have to play with the settings but this should get you started I supplied the saved layer style ( but I bet if you googled LED layer style you will get loads.)
  10. Hoogle

    Oil Paint Filter greyed out

    goto image > mode and make sure you have RGB and 8 bit selected
  11. Hoogle

    What's going on with Challenge participation????

    Forum Traffic is not an issue, but you have to remember most of the traffic is people coming here to get something done. I tried getting more things incorporated into the forum a while back, such as Blogs, Guest tutorials from well known people etc, but like anything new here is gets pushed...
  12. Hoogle

    Photoshop request (simple 2 min job)

    here is the font
  13. Hoogle

    After Effects PC PrePurchase Specs & Advice

    First off I would put in a 2nd SSD or increase the size of the 128gb in there already, not knowing what kind of work your doing in after effects or premier pro it is hard to be really specific, but a 2nd ssd drive to be a dedicated scratch disk for adobe will make all your render preview times a...
  14. Hoogle

    Direct download links for CC2015.5. products

    Official partners will always be listed on adobe website. but there are many reliable unofficial partners out there that are legit not everything is a nasty evil on the internet. Just saying we could be a partner with affiliated...
  15. Hoogle

    Direct download links for CC2015.5. products

    a partner can be anybody that links to adobe products. I use to be an official Adobe Partner when I had affiliated links to them on my website. Also anyone can put whatever text, award claims they want on their website. Just saying as a rule, you cant believe everything you read on the...
  16. Hoogle

    Remove the guy from the picture

    Here you go.
  17. Hoogle

    Remove the guy from the picture

    OMG I am what I would call an advanced user of photoshop and yes this request could be done but to what level is highly debatable under the term " A Simple Request" there is no delete background person in photoshop, do not believe everything you see in TV and Movies. I am sure someone will do...
  18. Hoogle

    Earth From Space real time footage live now

    Not PS related but pretty cool all live feed from international space Station
  19. Hoogle

    Merge Visible is Different to what I see

    Your problem is a group within a group of adjustment layers My solve which I do not quite understand is right click Group 1 folder select ungroup layers Then take your levels Adjustment layer that was within that group and lower the opacity then you should be fine.
  20. Hoogle

    Help with a homework certificate?

    Nope that would be fraud and illegal.