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  1. ibclare


    :frustrated: What do you do when your eye site is going? I just reviewed some of my jpegs of old PS manips and found stupid errors. I think I already had a 23 inch monitor. Maybe I need a 55? But, maybe I need a copy of PS software first, so I actually have something to work with. :slap:
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    Hi y'all I know I've been absent like . . . forever. I can't find my albums. Have these been removed? They had better jpegs than some of those I still have since I lost PS. Now my sister wants some that are larger to publish in venues in her city in Northern Cal that have been hit so hard by the...
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    @gedstar I think my posts have been so few (OK, non-existent), that I can receive PMs but can't reply. :banghead: Thx for your contact and congats to you Moderator. :wave2: You can get my email from Hoogle if you want to reach me! Or you maybe can find it right here . . .
  4. ibclare

    Greyed Layers

    I have, on more than one occasion, experienced layers going from highlighted to greyed out. The only way I have found to return accessibility is to double click the layer to bring up the layer styles palette, which restores the highlighted layer. Even at that, however, I can't use the mask...
  5. ibclare

    Our Cat Suki

    Dave and I went to a work banquet Friday night after a really long & already emotional day, meeting commitments, driving all over the county. Dave drove 250 miles that day, home from work, downtown with me, up to the dinner at a cas-ino in north county, home . .. (Stupid auto mod wouldn't let...
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    Challenge: Do You Wanna Spring or are You Warped

    OK, I made this warped challenge because I just couldn't think. I figure I better get moving whether I have a good idea or not.. So . . . Do you look forward to spring? Did you have nightmares about it when you were a kid? Do you really wish there were no seasons at all? Does it give you the...
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    I am going to apologize before I even begin this thread. I love grammar - having grown up in a very politically and grammatically correct home. So sue me! Malaproprism is a word which combines the prefix "mal-," suffix "-ism," and the operative word, "appropriate." There are several...
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    An acronym for FEAR

    To anybody who fears Photoshop or change, here are some acronyms for fear. These first two are in the popular culture: I love acronyms for fear. F= fu*k E= everything A= and R= run F= false E= evidence A= appearing R= real and my own interpretation: F= faith E= encouragement A= assist R=...
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    Dog Lovers, get a load of this! for example
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    Happy New Year to all and may 2015 surprise us all!

    . . . with the presents of creativity that will ever be gifted to each us of. I hope you all enjoy and make the best of 2015. I don't intend to make any resolutions. They don't mean anything unless you back them up with action. So I simply figure that I have the perseverance and fun to...
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    VOTING: Challenge 23: Spread your WIngs

    This is a great challenge (as so many have been). Now for a collection of each member's entries so we can pick a winner. Here is the link to the original challenge thread. Unfortunately, nitea's images (sweet as they are) can't be part of the voting as she is the challenge originator --...
  12. ibclare

    Fog on the Meadow

    Here is something I did for fun. Haven't been doing much of that lately. The main model isn't as high resolution as I usually work, but I liked the image so I used it. The hay background was a higher resolution and is a beautiful photo. I look forward to comments and critiques. These are...
  13. ibclare

    What the heck is your name and . . .

    . . . can we call you by it here? Please excuse your old aunty clare for forgetting some or getting them mixed up. Some I just don't know and your member names are a bit awkward so we're slways reducing them to initials. Not a big deal, but I'd rather say Hi Fiona, Andy, Rob, and so on. Some...
  14. ibclare

    Firestorm Series - abstract paintings

    These paintings were made after the southern california wildfires of 2003 and 2007, specifically in san diego county. Two were made before the fire, the before firestorm natural state. Oddly, in 2009, I had my easel set up in the garage when we had a fire there. The painting survived. I had to...
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    Reset the Net

    Tomorrow, Demand Progress will support theReset the Net project to take steps toward blocking illegitimate governmentsurveillance from the web. Momentum is growing -- just yesterday Google,Mozilla, CloudFlare, and dozens of other major sites announced they’ll bejoining our effort to secure the...
  16. ibclare

    My abstracts

    Inspired by recent posts, I decided I would like to post one of my favorite stream of consciousness drawings and paintings. I have three paintings but only photos of 2, till I get one of the 3rd. Most of these were made in 2002, 2007, and around 2010. It was first an exercise to write, draw...
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    post your pup pics here

    Ha! I just couldn't help it. My 10 year old White German SHepherd, Rommel, visited me from beyond and asked why I couldn't post his pic. Add yours. :mrgreen:
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    Voting: Challenge 22: Make a Face

    Not that kind of face you kooks! Don't grimace now. Oh sorry . . . it's "create" a face. Here is the link to the challenge itself and discussion. Get your vote in. You don't have to have added your own creation to this in order to put in a vote. Just pick a winner and go to the poll above...
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    Firefox Controversy

    IE wouldn't let me download Firefox (having trouble with my usual browser). Here's the word.
  20. ibclare

    Hondo and his tennis ball

    I am constantly surprised how good a job today's smart phones do in the picture taking business. My fiancee took this at the dog park, and his phone is not the very latest technology. I know there are totally blown areas. I tried levels and burning (really not my favorite tool - exposure should...