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    .psd file management

    Thank you for the input. The images aren't professional, that is for sure. Size-wise they are generic RGB images ranging from 1024x1024 to 2048x2048. The issue of memory space taken by the single master file *is* a consideration (mostly for performance, not lack of memory space). I will...
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    .psd file management

    I'm looking for answers on how to deal with disk space issues that I cannot reconcile currently, but in the long run, answers that can be used to change how I approach the creation of images in Photoshop. I use Photoshop to make textures for 3D objects. Sometimes there are several variations...
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    New to forum

    New to the forum (note to administrators: "Azure" is a fine answer to "what color is the sky?" :razz:) I've used Photoshop since it was roughly version 2.0. I'm by no means a pro, but through the times that I've had access to it, Photoshop has been my go-to for creating and modifying textures...