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    Specific Removing the black background

    Hello! I'm trying to remove the black background of my picture (I dont want a black square around my picture), but with no success. It deletes the black inside the "triangle" too, which is not what I want. Could anybody be of help? Thank you very much
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    Specific Request to change colours

    Hello :) Could anyone please give rainbow dash the colours of firefly? So basically, the blue body/wings need to become pink, and the hairs need to become blue. Thank you very much :)
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    Combining two pictures

    Hi and thank you for looking at my thread! There are two pictures that I would like combined. and (or ) Basically, I'd like the final result to be similar to the first picture. However, the lion needs to be replaced with the pony and "KIA" needs to be changed to "REKRZ". The colours need to...