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  1. dv8_fx

    CONTEST FORUM ANNOUNCEMENT.... part 2....Please read!!!

    Recent changes to view permissions of forum moderators wishing to take part in forum contests didnt go well as expected. Starting with this month's challenge...... Challenge #43 - My Song .... ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE OPEN FOR VIEWING. In a way this is good...... as other mods, like yours...
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    Typing and posting issues with a Tablet....

    Its never been reported but I was wondering if any of you tablet users are experiencing browser issues, erors or requiring to restart browser apps while tapping out replys in this forum.... I'm using Firefox, Opera and tablet's native browser on an older Galaxy Tab. Something that I never did...
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    Sites Show Board.

    We're still in the process of fine tuning the place.
  4. dv8_fx

    Creating movie from photos

    MikeWAdams If you look at Sam's video preview, you'll find the timing controls under each frame.....
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    Hello Photoshop Gurus

  6. dv8_fx


    Welcome back Jergon.
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    Happy Birthday Eggy

    From where I come from, we say HAPI PANCIT DAY!!!..... May you have a long and happy ife.... Enjoy your day..... CHEERS!!!!!
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    Forum changes

    Much appreciates you pointed in.... Huh? :eek:?... :cheesygrin: Yup, your eyes arent playing tricks.... a bit of in-eerror decorating. Watch out for falling bricks as we're not done yet... Thanks, Jerry D.....
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    Need help fitting album art into my CD cover.

    I dont have PS in any computer around me at the moment.... but maybe this may help anyone here who would want to hep out... Standard pixel dimensions for a cd case cover?.
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    Can someone please make a face texture for WWE 2K17?

    Yup... she does it somewhat like in the procedure of the first video but without hair........ and adds feathered edges along the ellipse face copy.
  11. dv8_fx

    Can someone please make a face texture for WWE 2K17?

    I've watched my daugther create face textures for her friends for use in WWE2K... @ZeroCool22...... Maybe add in a bit more shadow under the chin? Unless OP prefers a real clean shave look..... @DMDTagz.... I believe you dont necessarily need a background for your face image. A no...
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    photo request

    Better to have tried than not at all..... Needs more work using the tools accurately but skill and profficiency comes later through constant practice. Keep it up.....
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    I'm looking for this brush

    ..... or water drop brushes. It can also be bokeh or pixie dust trails....
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    Hi guys!

    Welcome to the forum... No worries with what you have to offer.... every information shared can be a gem to others. Partake of whatever humble resources and wealth of knowledge you'll find here. Cheers.......
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    Curious about this photo.....

    .... and definitely, a photoshop fail....
  16. dv8_fx

    Protecting a design

    That I know..... hehehe.... shhhhh... I was speaking in terms of the easy lazy way.... What these thieves do is all about easy and lazy, anyway........ lol....
  17. dv8_fx

    Protecting a design

    Not being a harbinger of bad news but it's a sad truth that there is nothing that can be done to protect one's intellectual property from being stolen or immitated. The copyright or TM marks or even watermarks are meaningless and will not discourage the unscupulous from taking and tweeking the...
  18. dv8_fx

    Straighten Tree in pot, if possible

    Sam the green .... Whats left is a matching plant with less foilage.... so it wont be too distracting in the scene......
  19. dv8_fx

    Steampunk Sewing Machine Vehicle

    You're putting the Singer Company to shame with a design thats better than what theyve come up.... LOL. Maybe use the brightness of the original table surface and retaining the drawer knob reflections?
  20. dv8_fx

    Colouring a photo

    One thing's for sure..... to texture, color, add hilights and shadows on the drawing will take time.... In black or white?