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    Making animations on photoshop

    How can i make animations in photoshop using handdrawn oscilatiing waves and moving object into them.Ho do i add hand drawn lines as they are formed in also how to arrange playing card shapes in a circle that sort of thing
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    Want to create a heading for a video and create bullet points

    Want to have a small heading at the bottom of the screen that includes: 1.Two hexagons next to each other in the bottom left 2.A Line across the bottom of the screen 3.A Heading built into the centre of the line acrosss the bottom of the screen Also In one section id like to create a bullet...
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    Creating objects for use in chroma keying

    I want to create a giant honeycomb composed of seven smaller honeycombs and have a symbol placed on each individual honeycomb and well as different video footage on each individual honeycomb.I then want to bring each honeycomb one at a time towards the screen for a minute or two with video...