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    Specific Sharpening Image for 16x20 printing

    Need some guidance on sharpening this image for 16x20 printing, have made a few attempts, thinking it could be better. Thanks
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    Specific White Line Removal

    Looking for help on removing this white strip in the middle of this image, have tried past instructions still not there .
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    Specific Color Adjustment , The Dirt Always Looks Purple

    When I try to adjust my colors before printing the dirt always seems to come out purple, need a little guidance here, thanks.
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    Specific Sharpness Upgrade

    Looking for directions on how to sharpen and reduce the noise in this image, would like to print a 11x14, thanks.
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    Specific Looking to even out image and improve clarity

    Image is need of making the image not as light on the left and improve clarity, thanks.
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    Specific Looking for the photo to be evened out

    This image is alot lighter on the left side and would like to make a 16x20 print, I have asked once before, but still having issues trying to do this myself , I don't seem to able to blend it in well. Looking for answers, thanks. Kim
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    Specific Vertical line

    Looking for assistance is removing this vertical line on the left, thanks for the help.
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    Specific Grain from 35mm scan

    I would like to print this to a 14x20 , have tried photoshop CS6 to clear up noise , learning process for me as Youtube videos are okay but I need more guidance , thanks.
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    Paid Flaws on Black and White

    I am in need of help on this image that I would like to print, you can easily see the flaws on the image and I suspect that they come from the storage of the archival negative, let me know if this can be cleared up, thanks. Kim
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    Cleaning Up Noise

    I am looking for suggestions on how to clean up the noise on this 35mm scan, looking to print this to a 14x20 image, have tried a few steps but I think there is more that I can do, ?????? Thanks, Kim
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    Specific Black and White Repairs

    Looking to even the lightness and darkness to be able to print a 11x14 image and make the image as sharp as possible.
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    Paid Black and White Image Flaw

    I have this image that I need cleaned up before printing to a 16x24, willing to pay someone to do this, as I have tried personally just not enough skill to complete this one. You can see the building that is covered by the flaw is the main issue, thanks for any reponse to this, not sure what...
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    Challenging Flaw Removal

    Looking for some direction on how to remove the flaw which blends into a building and the white strip travels vertically on the image , thanks.
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    Specific Vertical Flaws on Black and White

    I am having an issue trying to get rid of vertical lines on black and white, have tried a few things but still can see the flaw, any feed back would be great. Thanks.
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    Black and White Adjustments

    Have been having issues trying to even out image and then removing the line that runs vertical before printing this image, any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Specific Lighter Side of Image

    I am having an issue in trying to even out this image, I have more to do so would like to learn how to even this image out, hope someone can direct me. Thanks.