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    Glowing Text Effect in Photoshop!

    I have tried to make my content better. :)
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    How many of you are youtubers?

    Simple question!
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    Art in Illustrator (Warped Vortex)

    Check out my illustration video! Love to hear feedback!
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    Flaming Text (Needs Improvement but okayish)

    This actually has some personal significance for me, as I remember I created this as a challenge. I was a complete newbie when I made this and accepting this challenge really groomed my skills!
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    Abstract Art ( Dont have a good name for this)

    I like making abstract art. This is something I made a while ago. I think it looks okay not looking for critiques or anything but maybe the forum can give this a name or maybe suggest improvements. Would also like to connect with other people who have an interest in abstract art such as this! :)
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    Hey Guys! Graphic Design Youtuber here!

    So as the title implies, I have a graphic design channel. I mostly post and create content because I like to teach and also learn through engagement. My channel is small but I still think I make good content. I'm here to not just teach but also learn and get ideas from you guys