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    Create Logo from Photoshop in Illustrator

    Hey guys, I've created a Logo in Photoshop (what I'm more familiar with) and now I need to recreate it in Illustrator. It's basically an M + V. But the V section of the letter M is a separate shape (so in total I would need 3 shapes I'm guessing? The sides and the V). What would be the most...
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    Illustrator How to warp/transform a single letter?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to create something similar to this... It's the a that I am interested in. As you can see the curve part of the letter (where the c is located) has been removed from the a. I know while using Illustrator you can press 'cmd + shift and o' which brings up anchor points of...
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    Illustrator How to change colour or a placed item/layer/icon

    Hi, I have a symbol I've imported into Illustrator but I can't seem to change the colour, well I don't know how to. Here's a print screen, I need the black symbol to be the same colour as the text. How can I do this? Any help would be grateful as I need help urgently! Thank You
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    Illustrator Need help creating this shape I made in Photoshop in Illustrator

    Hey guys, I need help creating a logo I created in Photoshop in Illustrator... The main thing I need is making lines with point edges... I done this in photoshop with the shape tool and then created the sharp edges with the Pen tool. I just wanted to know if there was a easier way of doing this...
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    Comedy Central Logo

    Hey guys, This may be very simple but I can't get my head around it. How to create the comedy central logo, I know it's just two C's but when I try it in photoshop I can't keep the width of both the C's the same. For example I'll create the outter C then when I put the inner (smaller) C in by...
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    Need help neatening up a LOGO that I've created.

    Hi guys, As the title of this thread says I need helping neatening up a logo I've created for by business. So before going into the details here's the logo atm: Right for the first thing is, the small oval shapes going all the way around the logo... They way I have created them (shown in...
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    Help making this Vector Brush into a High-Res Logo

    Hey guys, I need some help with a Vector brush I downloaded from: I need one of the symbols (one below) for a logo but when I enlarge the brush in Photoshop the rounded edges pixalate... Can anyone help me fix this...
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    Can you help explain how to achieve this effect?

    Hi guys, Im a photographer and a slight newbie to photoshop. I know the basics etc but not to the level I'm about to explain... I want to start creating Fine Art with some of my pictures for example see the following pictures from CM photographer (all credits to him for these pictures his...
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    How to get this effect?

    Hey people, I recently came across a picture that was taking in Birmingham (UK) town centre, I love the PP work thats been done in this image, and I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me links to tutorials (or make 1) on how to get the same PP effect done in this image: Image 1...
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    Hello Hello Hello.. Photoshop Gurus ;)

    Hey people, I'm ASC from UK. Always had an interest in Photoshop and Photography, GFX etc in general. Hope to learn some great tips and tricks here and also share what ever I can! -ASC :wave: