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    Requesting good sources for color skin images / portraits

    Hi all I am starting a side project to better understand skin coloring and how more methodically apply the information learned into photorestoration retouching/restoration work. I know there are many different skin types / coloring that also depends on a number of factors (large natural...
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    Color Raster Image Conversion To Line Art Vector Format for Vinyl Cutting

    @Cox posted a free request on this topic and requested a tutorial as well. I documented the steps I took to create the raster to vector conversion. The first step was get have a starting image that is 1500 pixel long edge minimum. Cox's image was quite small so I used a 4x enlargement...
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    There are several color mode used within Photoshop such as RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, LAB, etc. There is another 3 channel model not explicitly used in file saving yet is available in various places in Photoshop being Luminosity, Hue, and Saturation as used in the Layer Blend modes (not to be...
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    METHOD TO OBSCURE REPETITIVE TILE PATTERN On a post in another forum, there was a request on how to repeat a stone pattern. Getting a tile pattern to look a bit less repetitive has never been very easy for me in PS so came up with this approach on the fly (not well baked yet if helps some)...
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    Ways to Create Synced/Linked or Unsynced/Unlinked Embeded Smart Object Copies

    It probably part OCD yet I decided to document the different ways an Embedded Smart Object (SO) can be copied. Some ways created a Synced/Linked SO to the original copy and other methods create an Unsynced/Unlinked Copy. Synced/Linked copies automatically sync/update all SOs created this...
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    How to Identify Linked vs Non-Linked Embedded Smart Objects

    Feeling kind of dumb that I don't know this or forgot how to do it. Sometimes I turn an existing Pixel Layer into a Smart Object for use with Smart Filters. Also, I have situations where I want to make a copy of that Smart Object and have it adjustable independently (know how to do this)...
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    Filters Pattern Suppressor FFT Filter

    I hope this is not duplicate information yet my brother who also uses Photoshop pointed me to a FFT filter that I had not used before. For those that have not used an FFT filter they are excellent in taking out a pattern that exactly repeats over an entire image. The filter name is Pattern...
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    Topaz AI Gigapixel example

    This post may need to be moved yet was not sure of the right forum so starting with the Forum described as the Lounge. I recently aquired Topaz AI Gigapixel and have used it on a few upsizings and was pleased (yet not wowed). There was a job on the Paid forum which I bid for yet eventually...
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    Mini Challenge - 2

    OK - Thought I would give this a try. Can you find the hidden message? (maybe this is too easy) John Wheeler PS - I can make the hidden message show with a single shortcut command
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    Pointer to Image Sharing Site with specific features

    I have a need where: 1) I can share only a specific album of ~100 to 200 images to a friend 2) Have the friend sort these images by their desirability thru manual reordering (drag and drop) 3) Export the images with a sequential number prefix so the files names will preserve the manual sort...
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    FFT Plugin for Macs by Dj Joofa being made available

    I thought it would be valuable to Mac users to post that there is a free FFT plugin filter for Macs being made available (OSX 10.10.+ on PS CC 2015). Dj Joofa has developed this filter and an early version is available for free if you contact him at I did exactly that and...
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    Hi from Northern Colorado

    John Wheeler here from Northern Colorado. Out in the boonies just east enough of the mountains for great views of the Rockies. I am mostly retired and my photography is for fun as opposed to how I make money. Just an amateur yet greatly enjoy photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom. I am here...