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    Specific Remove bald dude and some stuff from photo with my dog?:)

    Hi guys! I have a photo with my dog that I really like, except that there is a dude in the background and the photo is cluttered with random bags and stuff. Would love to have this photo without that stuff since recently my dog passed away and I'm collecting the few photos that I have together...
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    Specific Remove trash can?

    Hello everyone, can someone be so kind to remove the trash can from this photo? :) WeTransfer link to the photo: -or- Imgur link: Thanks so much in advance!!! Greets
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    Specific Remove head from photo please :)

    Hi guys, I made a photo of my girlfriend in a mosque in Istanbul while touristing around. There's a guy in the shot which kinda ruins it. Could anyone please photoshop him out (his head including the feet)? While keeping the background as naturally looking as possible? Would really appreciate...
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    Specific Background change to black & white

    Hey guys, could you please change the background of these photos to black&white? :) (the people in the photo remain in color) Thanks in advance. Greets, Mark
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    Retouch Forehead adjust

    Hi guys, a little while ago this picture was edited here quite nicely already. The eyes weren't on the same height and now they are, which is great. However, the higher eye was lowered to level with the lower one, which has made the forehead larger in comparison to what it should be. The other...
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    Retouch Would really appreciate some help with a photo for CV/resume

    Hey guys, since I want to use this photo when I'm applying for a job, I kinda want it to be 'perfect'.. as in, just some small things that I would like to be different. Would be awesome if someone could help me out :) - my right ear (when facing the photo) is a bit bigger than the left one. If...
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    Could someone please make the vein on the right hand less visible?

    It really sticks out now. I want to get in printed on canvas so I'm a bit perfectionist about it, haha. Anyway thanks so much in advance!! Imgur link to the image: