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    Paid Quick, Simple Logo Design

    Abbreviation: ADV Would like it to be designed, as seen pictured, expect background should be Twitter blue color. Thank you! Paid: $10
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    Paid LOGO

    Looking for a simple logo, just like the one below, except for the abbreviation “DK” in replace of the $ symbol and the “Betting” in smaller font. Thank you!
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    Paid Logo request

    Need a logo designed with the same type of cartoon character. Do not copy the logo at all, I am just referring to the type of drawing the logo is. The text I need is “THE SHARP BROS” Need 2 people in logo, be creative. You can add money. Thank you!
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    Paid New Logo Request

    Hello, looking for a layout similar to the image attached. However, no TNT, but instead VSI. VSI can be in different font, be creative. Add own colors to logo. I would like 4 adults at a desk with laptops in front of them and one adult with glasses. They must be “cartoonized.” Thank you!
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    Paid Logo Request

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have a photoshop request and have no problem paying for the design. I am interested in a logo with the abbreviation “VSI” incorporated into a Las Vegas skyline, as the background. Colors I would like used are primarily Black and Cyan. Thank you!