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    Batch Automation Multiple Ads generator

    A script is possible if you give the template you need (background) and fonts, the CSV file and two product photos : the larger and the higher ratios are necessary to create a mockup.
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    How do i automate this task?

    My items (text variable) are in a text file (List.txt). The text file and the JSX file must be in the same folder. Try this JSX script: #target photoshop // MAC Finder ou WINDOWS Explorer (double click) app.bringToFront(); // Brings the application to the...
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    Specific Make me hot

    My attempt.
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    Specific Logo added to footbal please

    A trial. Hope there will be other for your kids.
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    What is the best way to draw this row?

    Try this version (8 seconds per file). If you need explanations, it will be a pleasure. Do not loose you time on the stroke() function, it was generated by the Photoshop script listener. #target photoshop // MAC Finder ou WINDOWS Explorer : double click...
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    What is the best way to draw this row?

    It is not difficult to modify this script, but I want to be sure of the algorithm you need. The script can ask the user to declare a value for "i" first, then creates i .PNG files from 1..10 to i..i+9 in a subfolder. Do you agree with this algorithm. Question : are the arrows always at the same...
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    Specific Tune Squad Edit #50

    Why does everyone want to make a personnal "TuneSquad" logo? What happens?
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    What is the best way to draw this row?

    For your information, there is a very precise and especially very fast solution: the Photoshop scripting languages (AppleScript, VBScript and especially Javascript). This solution is not within the reach of a beginner, but you should know that it exists and that it can be a wonderful tool for a...
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    Specific Background request

    A trial with a surface blur.
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    Specific can u please make the picture look prettier

    I would have liked to meet her in Croatia (Plitvice). :)
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    Specific Rims on truck

    You're welcome. Nice car.
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    Specific Rims on truck

    A trial to have an idea. I prefer your wheels. :)
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    Specific Transparent logo Edit

    You're welcome.
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    Specific Transparent logo Edit

    The inner transparency with a white border is visible only in PNG.
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    Specific Space Jam logo Edit #5

    You're welcome!