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    NEED HELP making edges smoother

    Hi All I need help with the best way to refine the edges of a black solid silhouette image that I need to use. it seems to have a bit of jagged edge- just a little bit..., and I need to know the best way to make it totally smooth, so I can blow it up better. also, when I change the color, from...
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    HELP.lost my toolbox

    HElp I hit something and changed my toolbox, which I had on the left hand side..going verticle now the box that was the tools, is just a very small box, with just the feather in it ( I am using cs2) and above..and below the main "file..edit...image..." along narrow box..that sort of...
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    Need help gettting image into FONT

    HI, I need to make a background and then get that image to just be INSIDE some hollow letters? (like a monogram) I need each letters to also have a line around it, like pen and ink . can someone either direct me to a tutorial for that, or tell me how best to do this? thanks so much in advance...
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    CURSER CHANGED NEED to get back original

    Hello quite some time ago, my cursor changed from the normal arrow/pointer type, to a very faint, horizontal group of small arrows(? I think) and I have tried the usual methods to restore the cursor..but it does not stay. can anyone tell me why, and how to correct this? it is trouble some as...
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    HELP!! with brush set....question

    Hi guys...could someone PLEASE HELP ME identify the brush set used in this design and where to get it??? I ALSO need to know the FONT used in the NAME of PRIMAL ROOTS I need to use it for something and I cannot locate it . in case that link does not work, please look up IMAGES PRIMAL ROOTS...