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    How to make a picture sharper?

    Is it possible make the picture sharper so I can wright it out as a poster?
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    Photoshop CC 14.2.1 x64 Freezing when I try changing image size

    Hi, My Photoshop ( I have used it almost one year, no problem) have start to freez when I try changing image size so I have to Close and start again. I have tried uninstal completed trough regedit and install 3 times but same result. All other command ok. When I push the image size buttom the...
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    Need advice How to extrude in Photoshop CC?

    Hi, I need advice on what method I should immerse myself in order to learn expose/extrude photos from background in CC. I have looked at many films but it will be most confusing. Too may methods.
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    Need help find background for advertice my old car.

    I am going to sell my car and I will make good photos of the car. I need backgrounds to put the car in. Hope you understand.
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    What is best way convert jpeg logo to vector?

    I have rebuild an old motorbike and now I would like to put on old original decals. I have downloaded pitures from the net and now I would convert them to vector so I can make new. Please see the pic. It´s impossible upload. I have tried different methods.
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    Hi from Sweden

    Retired 60+ male and like playing with the computer when I don´t cruising around in my very old Classic Car (next year 60).