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    I downloaded CS6, so uninstalled CS5, now I need to reinstall CS5 but it wont install

    Can someone help me? I hope this is the right forum. I saw a dl for CS6 so by the time it got done I uninstalled c5 and erased it. But I shouldnt have, I dont know what this cs6 is, but apparently I still need cs5? Well now it wont install, no matter where I try to install it from. Please...
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    What is this effect and how could I achieve it?

    I tried making CD covers a while ago but quit, back at it. I am trying to get this shadow like effect: on this image: I don't mean the marker scribble, or that print across him (though print and those weird lines like Matrix style that run through a pic is nice), but shading him like in...
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    How do I fix photos I resized?

    The pic is 199x203 pixels, I scaled it to fit a 600x600p background and of course it looks duller. Is there a way to make it look better, like how it originally looked?
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    How do I get a black outline or background around text?

    Like in this picture: And how do I get that black bar on the bottom? I appreciate the help everyone.
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    What's been done here? Hello guys. Does the font branch out like that because that's its style, or is a feature making it like that? That small splatter and the line going down like an old movie screen, where can I get those? And...
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    Should I go for brushes, or pictures?

    I was looking through brush sets and got this drug set, like needles n stuff. Then i was testing them out and thought why use these brushes and have to stick to one color when I could get pictures and blend them? Is that the better way? Also could you point me to the best blending tutorial...
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    How can I apply this glowing affect?

    Big noob question I'm sure. The green glowing in the back, do I do this with a brush? DJ Diggz - The Beast |
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    What is this font? I still haven't figured out.
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    Questions about album covers

    Hi everyone, I posted my intro just now. Basically I made some great mixtapes and want to make great covers. Here are my questions: For this link: ...what form of ps art is this so I can create something in that style? And for...
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    I basically fell into this

    Hi everybody, my name is Jason. I'm from New York. I'm into writing/reading, rap, mixed martial arts, & MMA wagering. Add Photoshop/PS study to the list. 6 weeks ago, I decided to make a few mixtapes. The way I wanted them demanded 2 weeks of cutting & editing things, and they turned...