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    How to add that silver moonlight to an image?

    I was out yesterday at night and had the great super moon in my back. The light from the moon doesn’t really show on my image, how can I fake moonlight?
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    Cinemagraphs, any experts here?

    First, what is the correct under-forum to post cinemagraph-questions? And, are there any experts in that technique here? I find it hard to find people to talk to about cinemagraphs. Can’t even find a desent facebookgroup. I like to create them myself but am only a rookie. But I really want to...
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    Q about cinemagraphs

    I've tried creating a couple of cinemagraphs, it ain't that hard, but I've got a little question, though. I think I do know the answer myself, as I think it may not be possible, but here goes anyway. Let's say I'm filming the ocean. A seagull flies by at waterlevel. I then would like to freeze...
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    Can't create brush folders

    Hey guys. I need help creating folders for my brushes. I download a brush. Go to "presets manager", load the brush, select them all and click "save set". I save the set at photoshopcc2017/presets/brushes along with the original .abr brushfiles. But when I go to the brush and click the little...
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    My watermark brush is transparent

    I've created a logo on a transparent layer. It's an eclipse with a carbon pattern and my name going through with a downloaded metallic style. I've made it into a brush, but when I use it on my images, the logo is half transparent and I can see color from the image shining through. How can that...
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    Need advice on images like this

    Sorry, for the title, ain't meant for clickbait, I just don't know what to call images like this. I created this with a friend of mine and we are planning to do one more tomorrow. This was my first time, and maybe I got a bit lucky, since the image turned out fairly decent. Since I was a bit...
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    Anyway to reduce flashglare from shiny skin?

    I've got this macroshot of a grasshopper, not that it is any speciel, but I would like to learn if there are some ways to reduce that glare in the skin from the flashes? I know, it should be done by softening the light in the first place, but that's a little too late now. I know I can just clone...
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    How to both reduce noise and sharpen an image non-destructively.

    Ok, hey guys. I've got this macroshot of a grasshoppers face with the rest of the body going into shallow dof-ness. Only the very front of the face is sharp and even the back of the eyes starts to go blurry. The image is great, but I got a problem. I can't figure out how to sharpen the front...
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    Pixelating when down-scaling

    Hey guys How can it be, that when I save an image from the net to use in PS, that that image gets extreme pixelated and looses detail when I'm scaling it down to fit my background? My example: I've got a lake as a background and want an eagle to fly over it. I find an image of an eagle on the...