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    HELP: Recover corrupted PSD file where Thumbnail displays

    I have a real issue. I have a PSD file that became corrupted when the power went out in the house while in the middle of saving the the file. The PSD file itself is corrupted. When I load it it says "Could not complete your request because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered." I have...
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    IS THIS POSSIBLE? : Using Photoshop Files like FRAMES???

    I am creating a website in psd for final proof. I created split the file so there are basically 5 layers [HEADER] [LEFT] [RIGHT] [CONTENT] [FOOTER] And of course a LOT of sub layers inside each to create a page of the website. Let's say I am working on PAGE 1 and have done perhaps 20...
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    THIS CURRENTLY POSSIBLE?? - Displaying multiple psd inside editor??

    Not sure how well I can explain this. This is an idea that I would THINK photoshop would have but perhaps I am not aware and have been doing this the HARD way?? * Let's say I am creating a website template which usually consists of a HEADER, FOOTER, (perhaps a LEFT, RIGHT) and a CONTENT...