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    Question about resolution

    Hello guys, I want to design a clean/simple layout for my website. However, lately I've had a few times that my resolution (or quality of the image) is not so high (it's kinda pixelated). How come? I think it has something to do with my settings when starting a new project. Could you guys...
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    Football Club Logo-design

    Hey guys, I'm making a logo for the football team of me and my friends. This is what I got so far. What are your thoughts?
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    What's the impact of "Resolution"-values?

    Hi guys, I really love the sharpness/high quality of images and now I got a MacBook Retina I can see the details even more. I was wondering when starting a "New file", if the values of "Resolution" has an impact on the eventual quality of the image? If so, what are the best values to put here...
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    New guy

    Hello guys! I'm new on this forum. I've been using Photoshop for about 5 years now.. but I still can learn a lot. Right now I'm using CS5. I've just switched from Windows to Mac, and I am very enthusiastic to make new graphic designs. I'm part of a music production duo, so I will be making...