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    Mosaic Stitching

    I'm wanting to stitch 10 rows x 10 columns of TIF images (each a 4000x4000px map tile). So a 40,000x40,000px TIF output. They're not overlapping, and abut perfectly. The filenames of the input files will define their position in the mosaic. I could do it manually, but that would take some time...
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    Multiple Polylines? (Mapping)

    OK Polyline is what we call it in CAD, it may not be correct in Photoshop? My apologies! Anyway, I want the add some reasonably long multi-node lines similar to that shown here (white line with thin black borders denoting a small road). What's the easiest way to do this please? I know there are...
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    Multiple repeatable skewed rectangular copies?

    Not sure the title makes sense, so I've made an image to illustrate the problem: I'm trying to create a 'Rolling Map' for a navigation event, and want to copy sections of map something like I've shown, before pasting to create a long thin series of images, combined into a long thin canvas...
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    Radial Clone?

    I use PTGui to create spherical panoramas. Recently bought a drone, which does an excellent job, except the sky's missing. (Using a tripod and fish-eye lens the problem always used to be with the nadir shot, due to the tripod!). I can manipulate the image in PTGui to give a zenith view, as...
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    Multiple windows (masks) onto a single layer?

    I have a large image, and want to use the new generator feature to automatically extract two specific areas of this image (which is on a single layer) to two separate files. Simple enough to do the first, using a layer mask, and works beautifully. But I can't work out how to do another, without...