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    How to create a Graffiti Wallpaper

    In this video I show you how to make a Graffiti like Wallpaper. Excuse the music in the background and the long music end, somehow I have forgotten to cut the music at the end. I promise my other videos are better. :wink: Watch and Enjoy
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    The Walking Dead -- Intro Wallpaper

    This Tutorial is about how to create a Walking Dead style Intro Wallpaper. I know that it is a little bit long but I am working hard on to shorten my Video Tutorials The real Tutorial starts at 4:11 you can skip the first 4 minutes ... it is just BlaBla Watch and Enjoy
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    Slimy Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial for Halloween

    I know it is a little bit late for a Halloween tutorial. In this Photoshop Tutorial I show you how you can create a slimy text effect. Just using a bunch of Layer effects. Enjoy and have Fun. :rocker:
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    Retouching Skin without loosing any details

    Tutorial about retouching Skin without loosing any details
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    I say hi from germany

    My name is Michael Novelo. I am a digital Artist from Germany and I am currently working in the IT-Business( self employed since 18 years). Since about 5 years iam working hard on my career as Digital - Artist and Tutor. And to be an Digital Artist and Tutor is what I really enjoy to do. Be...