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    numerize color ranges

    I'd like to create an action to select some color range with tolerance, surround every such spot with a border and put a number inside all those shapes. So later after printing image on a painting paper I could paint on those spot with correct color. Is Photoshop best tool to do that or do you...
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    wrong color of gray card

    I've bought two gray cards but they have different colour. which one is correct?
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    best matching color

    assuming my photos are always with the same, correct white balance and exposure, can i match some part of the tooth with known L,a,b values of dental shaders? I was working on that long time ago but now got more time to go back. How to colorize the tooth according to each shader?
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    at what stage should I choose a color profie

    hello, I've been following a few articles about color matching in dentistry. I've bought X-Rite ColorChecker Password so I can create a color profile for a current session. At what stage should I choose a color profile in Lightroom? Is my workflow correct? 1)I shoot a photo of color passport...
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    develop with color profile

    hello, I'd like to send my dental technican best photo of my patients teeth with a shaders pallette so he can put the correct porcelain colors. I've Nikon D90 with Nikon R1 side lamps. my current protocol: 1-set white balance with gray card 2-take photo of color passport side 1 3-take photo of...
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    refresh colors

    hello, this is a mobile photo I took of a picture in a book. I'd like to refresh it's colors. how can I do it in PS? image tracing in illustrator or faster in ps ?
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    best gray card match

    hello, I've read that after setting histogram to show Lab color values I can hover over the gray square with the cut (I know it should be rotated 180*) and while changing the exposure I should check the L value to become as close to 79 with a and b values as close to 0 as possible. Can I correct...
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    repeatable colors with color passport

    I'm taking a photo in a dental office with Nikona D90 + Nikon R1 wingflashes + macro Tamron 90mm. i take a photo of X-rite color passport, then without any changes in settings i shoot dental shaders which are used to match patients teeth colors. after creating a color profile and saving photo...
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    correct process of color calibration

    is my process correct? 1)i set a white balance with gray card, 2)i take a photo of x-rite color passport 3)i create a new color profile 3)i open lightroom/camera raw and choose this new color profile 4)i pick with an eyedropper tool to detail the white balance (first gray square on the left with...
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    match skin tone

    i've made those photos with different light settings. I have RAW files but can't figure out how to make skin tone look similar. how should i make it similar?
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    X-Rite Color Checker Passport

    i bought X-Rite Color Checker Passport and saw it's tutorial what are the correct steps to get the best colors of my photo with this tool (i'm not talking about monitor calibration-that's another topic) 1-take a RAW/NEF photo with color checker 2-save...
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    precise Lab color color picker

    is there any software to read colors of the photo with info panel or color picker witch such details: L:61,18411 ; a:−0,25212 ; b=6,54342 photoshop is not precise, can't such plugin for imagej either.
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    macro label image

    i have a macro that selects color ranges and fills it with some color (16 colors - one by one). is there any way to add text label over the part of the image where it is filled?
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    Tooth Color Analysis Methods

    Original: Method 1: -Convert to Lab mode -Added a 50% gray level Layer above the original and set blend to Luminosity (this is to isolate the colors) -Added a curves adjustment Layer and use the Auto function only on the "a" and "b" channels -Added a posterization adjustment Layer and in this...
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    cross polarization filter

    is there any way to see more details on such tooth photo? there is a special polarization glass you can buy and place between tooth and digital camera while taking a photo, but i wonder if it is possible with a photo taken a typical way.
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    Polarization Filter?

    one company sells such polarization filter for dentistry to better see colors. what adjustments should i play with to achieve similar result? to better see dentin/enamel difference (dentin is yellow ; enamel is blue)
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    liquid color areas

    some time age i've created an action to colorize some areas of the picture by using color range: but how can i achieve such "liquid" areas?
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    White balance of white, black and gray

    hello, i set the white balance with my gray card but to have better results i take a photo with my white card, black card and gray card. can i correct the white balance by using all of them. do i need only gray card or i should use lightroom or photoshop to correct that?
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    gray card in shader

    i have a shader like on the picture: i'd like to add one more gray shader so every time i take a photo with gray card and adjust the curves, all other colors will match. but i don't know the relation of gray card to colors in my shader. how can i find it out? should i photograph this picture on...
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    developing correct colors

    i have a photo of a tooth with gray card and one of shades (A3 on the image): and image with colors: i've created an action that takes...