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    Select and Mask question

    Hi, When I make a selection using any of the Selection tools and then go to Select and Mask, I lose the "marching ants". Can anyone please tell me how to see the "ants" when in Select and Mask? Many thanks
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    Free Photos?

    Hi, Not sure if I'm in the right place or forum for this question but, here goes. I am just starting to learn the art of compositing in Photoshop. I would like to download/use some stock photos but I don't want to take out a subscription or buy credits as I will be a very occasional user and...
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    CS3 Missing Camera Raw

    Hi Folks, Has anyone come across this problem? I have CS3 installed, my OS is Windows Vista 64. When I am using Bridge I cannot find Camera Raw. If I highlight an image and then right click on it, I cannot see the "open in Camera Raw" command, it's not greyed out just not there, also it is not...