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  1. revnart

    Relinking all embedded smart objects to one source

    Hi everyone, I need your help :) I have psd file with bunch of embedded smart objects, most of them has different sources - made by "New smart object via Copy".. the question is - Is there any way to connect all or all selected smart objects again to same source? Exactly the same as all would be...
  2. revnart

    Filling layer with transparency

    Hey everyone, I missed this feature over the years or it's something new? I reset colors with (D) and if I use Alt+Backspace I fill the layer with background color, Ctrl+Backspace fills with foreground color = this is completely normal but when I add Shift if fills only opaque areas and if I...
  3. revnart

    New work station

    Hey, today I have a specific question about hardware - photoshop dependency. We need to build machine that will batch work on 50-100 thousands images per day, all automated with scripts (that part is ready), I've tried running all operations on my laptop (i7 - 8gen, 20GB ram, Nvidia GeForce...
  4. revnart

    Saturation Map (Mask)

    Hey, I was experimenting with saturation masks and after several tests I've found that HSL and HSB give me strange artifacts, so I've created LUT file which gives me the result I was looking for. Here is example of base file converted to S from HSB and HSL and with the use of LUT file. Do...
  5. revnart

    Mini Challenge - 3

    This one is tricky, you have to find secret message which is also photoshop tip ;) PS. You don't have to use any filters ;P
  6. revnart

    Mini-Challenge - 1

    Hope that's not forbidden and I'm not doing something very wrong? Because I didn't knew If I should post it here or in off-topic section :) But I had an idea of quick mini challenge with prepared psd with mission to accomplish :) This one is very simple, find hidden Pink Floyd song name inside...
  7. revnart

    Actions LAB Channel Mixer

    Hey guys I wanted to share with you simple action I made, maybe someone will find it useful :) It basically mix positions of channels A and B in lab mode resulting in 16 combinations of colors :) Here are some examples: You can quickly change autumn photo into spring or fairytale mood ;) Here...
  8. revnart

    Scripting Reverse Order of Layers

    Hi, maybe I'm not the only one, whit this problem. When i have layers like this: and go to Layer > Arrange > Reverse (I have selected all layers before that step :P ) I get error: The only solution is to make one layer at top of the layers stack, then one in the bottom of layers stack...
  9. revnart

    Challenge #62 Winter in July

    Sorry for the delay and thanks to @Eggy for reminding me about challenge. This month challenge theme: Winter in July Take the photo provided and turn in into snowy landscape :) here goes the photo from by Mike Petrucci ...
  10. revnart

    PSG forum - tapatalk and notifications

    Hi, I have two questions, maybe someone will help me :) Some time ago I used tapatalk app to view the forum because I watch it very often on my phone. Now I can't find our forum in tapatalk app. Its because last year forum software has changed? And second, is there any way I can watch (get...
  11. revnart

    Count all unique colors in image

    Hey, do you have any idea how to count unique colors in image? some kind of script, plugin or idea? Yes, I know I can use indexed color for images that have less than 256 colors, but I need to know if my image has more or less unique colors. My base file uses all of 16,777,216 possible color...
  12. revnart

    Luminosity Masking

    Hi, after "some" time I comeback with question for all of you ;) What methods do you use/know to create luminosity map (mask) - full one, not only darks, midtones or highlights? I'm interested especially in ways different than: • HSB B channel • HSL L channel • RGB Desaturate • RGB Composite...
  13. revnart

    Colouring Black & White photo

    Hi, I've searched but didn't find any info here about this :) I've found an online algorithm that will automatically colour your black and white photos, it's not perfect but its nice fun :) example: btw: it's "Coloring" or "Colouring"? :)
  14. revnart

    Photoshop files problem

    Hi today I run in problem I've never seen before. I always save files as tiff, with LZW compression, same byte order, without image pyramid etc. - exactly same settings as before. But when I send files to the PosterPrint (Roland Printer software we use) suddenly I get an error "Image file...
  15. revnart

    Gradient Map - from image

    Hi, any of you know an automatic way of creating gradient/gradient map from image or even better: from layer or selection? I really often need to change a colours of products for one of my clients, using different tools, hue and saturation+curves+ other tools but sometimes it just doesn't look...
  16. revnart

    Software promotion

    Hi, I just found and interesting promotion for DxO OpticsPro 9 Elite Edition (I'm not in any way connected with company, software or developer) and wanted to share it with you :) It's an Lightroom / CameraRAW like software, with (as far as I know) lifetime license :) all you need to do is just...
  17. revnart

    Text layers language

    Hi :) I'm just wondering is it possible to set basic language of text layers to different than your photoshop UI? I'm using english version of Photoshop, it's much easier for me because of tutorials and.. I hate polish translations of many things in Photoshop :) But I would like to have all my...
  18. revnart

    Challenge #38, Revive dead things

    Hi, hope I'm doing it ok (it's my first time posting challenge) :) Thank you all for allowing me to take part in last challenge, and for votes and as always fun :) It's first day of month so I came up with an idea of new challenge: "Revive dead things" All you have to do is to give life to...
  19. revnart

    Importing / Pasting files

    Hi, once again I have a question :) Thing I do everyday is sending visualisations of projects to a client. I have for example two sides of a car, rear, hood and sometimes roof. Normally I just drag project files from Bridge into Photoshop directly into empty file with specified dimensions...
  20. revnart

    Scripting Measurement Scale script

    Hi I have a question :) Maybe some great minds of PSG will be able to help :) On a daily basis I deal mainly with car wrapping, and part of it is calculating square meters of print vinyl needed. I use measurement scale for that because I can select multiple parts of car with simple selection...