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  1. chrisdesign

    Candle Power

    Happy Christmastime to my old and new friends in the forum. My best wishes for health and happiness for you and your families. Created with Blender 3D 2.81 See some of my work in this german 3D forum
  2. chrisdesign

    Challenge Yes or No?

    I will not present any further challenge until a moderator clarifies whether, due to a lack of involvement, this competition will continue or will not be continued. Regards Chris
  3. chrisdesign

    Challenge#68: Steampunk me!

    This month's theme is: Steampunk me! - You have to use the provided image of the cannon. - If you like you can use another background for your composite. - Decorate the cannon with pipes, cogwheels, chains, skulls, clocks and steam! There is no limit for your fantasy! The weirder, the better! -...
  4. chrisdesign

    Challenge#66: Supersize it!

    This month's theme is: Supersize it! Entries must be submitted by Friday 16th November 2018, 11.59.59 Forum time. Here are a few ideas! And now, I'll sit back and hope to see lots of crazy entries. Regards Chris...
  5. chrisdesign

    Rail Racing Car

    It's been a long time since I posted some of my work in the forum. (Except in the Challenges). Though sometimes I really miss you guys here. So I decided to post one of my recent job here. It's a retrofuturistic vehicle from bygone times that never existed in this way. Once again a pure...
  6. chrisdesign

    Challenge#63 Redesign the Scooter

    The theme of this month is Redesign the Scooter You have to use the image of this scooter. Cut out parts of the provided image and re-arrange them to a complete new object. You're allowed to resize, rotate, duplicate the parts. Don't change the colors of the parts, put them on a white...
  7. chrisdesign

    Guess the macro 43

    What is this?
  8. chrisdesign

    3D WIP Architecture Concept

    I was just doodling with Blender playing with a cube and trying to 'build' a house. Anyway I came up with an interesting shape of a house, and I liked the concept. So this is going to be a WIP. My aim is to create the house with fully furnished rooms in a believable way. Well I give it a...
  9. chrisdesign

    3D Goldrings with Diamonds

    Maybe an idea for a christmas present? - Created with Blender. - Color and contrast adjustments with Photoshop
  10. chrisdesign

    Challenge #56: CRAZY

    The theme of this month is: CRAZY Let your creative juices flow and show your craziest photoshop work! Anything goes, though I do not accept images of politicians. Entries must be submitted by Saturday 16th December 2017, 11.59.59 Forum time. Here are a few ideas! I hope to see lots of...
  11. chrisdesign

    3D Moon Head

    This is a first and timid attempt with modeling in Blender. Only minor color adjustments are done with Photoshop.
  12. chrisdesign

    3D Little Living Room

    Created with Blender. Little post work with Photoshop. This is my 'stage' for building this inside scene. Critique and comments are very welcome.
  13. chrisdesign

    Ducati Desmo Supersport Bike

    This is one of the rare paid jobs I'm willing to do these days. I's for a friend of mine who is photographer. His customer has a collection of old DUCATI motorbikes from the early 1970's, and he had to take fotos of about 25 Bikes for a calendar. For the cover he wanted a foto to be...
  14. chrisdesign

    Guess the Macro 32

    You'll not find this with Google! This is my own picture.
  15. chrisdesign

    3D V8 Steam Engine Drone

    Once again a fantastic futuristic flying machine based on steampunk fantasy. Your critique and your comments are very welcome.
  16. chrisdesign

    Find the Chocolate

    I accidentally dropped a small piece of chocolate. Can you find it?
  17. chrisdesign

    3D Hanging on a slender thread

    - A Blender creation from collected outer space waste, and formed into an art installation. - Additional photoshop post work for color corrections.