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  1. Zintius

    Random Hey could you please apply colors

    Hi, I would like to request if you may add the Lebanese flag color on the background and on the letters feel free to add more if you like
  2. Zintius

    Specific Could you please add a snake

    Hello guys i`m looking for this picture to look more cool and nice could you please do that by adding a snake in the broken line maybe autumn color or old paper color thanks in advance much appreciated
  3. Zintius

    Specific Brush Effect

    hello would you please do a Portrait Brush Effect i really like those and thanks in advance
  4. Zintius

    Specific change the purple please

    Couod you please change the purple colour to hot red or hot pink and if possible could you make the colour reflect on him a lil bit so it looks more kinda real thank you:)
  5. Zintius

    Specific please remove that guy

    hey i really like that chalkboard but that guy is blocking it can you please remove him
  6. Zintius

    Specific could someone fix his thumb

    this is my friend and his thumb is missing could someone please give him one
  7. Zintius

    Hello... Allow me to introduce myself

    my name is Zintius it`s nice to meet you guys and thank you for accepting me')