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  1. jarhtmd

    How to Change Date-Time Created/Modified in CS6

    In CS6 File>File Info>General[tab] provides the ability to enter info for several fields. The Created & Modified dates & times are displayed but are not changeable. Is there a way to change those dates & times?
  2. jarhtmd

    Actions How to find the longest image dimension in an action

    Sometimes changing an image's orientation makes for a drastically different impact. I want to create an action to quickly show me all 8 possibilities, by creating a square canvas (based on longest dimension) & then multiple layers, each rotated &/or flipped. That way I can quickly review all...
  3. jarhtmd

    How to convert Canon 70D RAW (CR2) files to DNG

    I use Photoshop CS6. Until recently I always shot JPG, but have started shooting raw (CR2) with my Canon 70D. I would like to convert the CR2 files to DNG. How do I do that? I tried downloading/installing AdobeDNGConverter7.1, but it doesn't recognize the files as convertible.