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  1. fredfish

    Resolve problems with Auto-Recover files

    Today I had a problem. Because of a pesky Windows update my system restarted with Photoshop open and some files open in Photoshop. Because of this next time I tried to open Photoshop it tried to recover the files that had been open - I waited for 20 minutes but Photoshop was still trying to...
  2. fredfish

    Just started playing with Procreate

    Here is a photo conversion. Just (today) started playing with procreate. Genuinely interested in comments. (and before anybody asks - yes that is me!!) Cheers John
  3. fredfish

    Guess the Macro 24

    Especially for Crystal....... shouldn't take too long. Cheers John
  4. fredfish

    Amusing little Easter egg

    Click and hold on the Edit tool bar icon. Select edit tool bar. When the dialogue box comes up Shift Click on the done button. Totally Bananas!! BTW to turn it off again do the same again but alt click on the done button. Brought a little smile for a couple of seconds. Someone at Adobe has a...
  5. fredfish

    Neat trick

    Not actually of much practical use but a neat trick anyway. To see the effect you need to download the .psd and select the top layer and then move it with the move tool. Spiderman PSD file Cheers John
  6. fredfish

    resizing an image based on the size of another image

    Hi all I remember that there is a way if you have 2 images open in Photoshop to resize one of them to the exact dimensions of the other one. If I remember rightly it involved selecting one of the images and then selecting that image as the size of the other one. Clearly it isn't exactly that...
  7. fredfish

    Challenge #51: You Dingbat!

    Thanks for people voting for my image in the last excellent challenge from Eggy - It would be great if we get anywhere near the number of entries this tim round. OK. For this challenge the task is to create an image that represents one of your favourite songs or movies. It can be funny...
  8. fredfish

    Turn a background transparent on an animated gif

    Hi all is there an easy way to turn the background transparent on an animated gif? I have a student that is creating an animated game "Ident" using Photoshop and he wants to add an animated gif. The gif is a series of flames against a black background. My initial thought was to group all the...
  9. fredfish

    3D It all looks like such fun that I wanted to join the party!

    Just followed a very simple tutorial - but personalised it a little bit. :)
  10. fredfish

    A new (free) photography course on Instructables

    I just got a notification about a free Photography course on the Instructables. You have to enroll but it is free. I have had a quick look and it looks OK. It is split into 10 chapters - the early chapters are very much beginner levels (choosing a camera etc.) but the later chapters look OK...
  11. fredfish

    Action Central

    After reading the thread about creating line art from an image I was reminded of a free action called Isobels Sketch action - I no longer have it on my system so I tried to track it down. Cant find it anywhere and in addition it would appear that Action Central is no more either (though I...
  12. fredfish

    B & W Conversion

    Some of the students I am working with are working on producing a Graphic Novel in the vein of Sin City as part of their course. As a number of them aren't particularly adept with painting tools (although some of them are absolutely great!) they were given the option of taking some high...
  13. fredfish

    Happy 2017 to all

    Have a great 2017 !! - Click image for full effect :thumbsup: Cheers John
  14. fredfish

    Pasting a PNG from the internet

    When I paste a png file that has been placed on the clipboard by right clicking on a png image image on the internet and selecting copy to clipboard the background of the image is always black rather than transparent. Is there a way to avoid this? If I save the PNG to disk in the same way and...
  15. fredfish

    One for today

    In the spirit of today's date I thought I would post this composite I did a while back for a friend that wanted a Gothic desktop wall paper. Just a bit of fun but by all means comment! Cheers John
  16. fredfish

    How to remove a slight Blue cast on a cut out

    I used the pen tool to cut out a motorbike from the background (as much as a training process in developing my pen tools skills as anything) and I am fairly pleased with the results. However there are some parts that have understandably picked up some of the colour from the original...
  17. fredfish

    My first post

    Hi all this (as the header says) is my first post to the forum. I have often played around with OOB (Out of Box) effects but wanted something slightly more believable (there are only so many trains coming out of poloroide frames that you can do!) so I took the following images:- And came...