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  1. vladitan

    Looking for a psd

    Hello gurus! I`m looking for a psd of a well-made poster of a rock concert, travel ad or cosmetic ad. I want to examine the psd to be able to see the used techniques. If you have such please share it with me. Thank you!
  2. vladitan

    Advice for a logo

    Hello. My friends are wondering for an idea for logo for their newly formed punk band called Mental Switch. The idea behind the name is that everyone has the ability to switch their minds to make the world a better place and not to serve the system. But for that, you must find the switch deep...
  3. vladitan

    Star wars fight

  4. vladitan

    Lottery game design

    Hi. I`ve made this casino style lottery game design. Can you please tell me if you have any advice to be done better. Thank you.
  5. vladitan

    Illustrator question

    Hello. Can someone tell me how to do this shown on 15:59 to 16:12 seconds. I cannot figure out what is he doing. Maybe he uses some kind of shortkeys. Thanks in advance. Here is the video
  6. vladitan

    Specific Need this font

    Hello. Can someone tell me the name of the font or similar one. I need the font to support cyrilic encoding also. Thank you in advance.
  7. vladitan

    Illustrator Help with editing vector in illustrator

    Hi. I`m new to illustrator and I`m wondering how to edit the text in this file Thanks in advance.
  8. vladitan

    Help with making transparent photo

    Hello. I`m making logo but i forgot how to make it transparent. I tryed with png but it doesnt work
  9. vladitan

    Need this font

    Hello. I desperately need this font or similar. Thank you in advance.
  10. vladitan

    Help with coloring DOTA heroes

    Hi. Before a long time I draw those pics but i couldn`t color them. If you want you can give it a try. It will be interesting how they will look with color.
  11. vladitan

    Hidden fairy

    Little hiding Tinker bell
  12. vladitan

    Fantasy raven

    Here is some movie poster.
  13. vladitan

    Kill Subzero

    Here i made some fantasy fight :)