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  1. LemonLuuk

    Any tips and tricks for my artworks?

    I'm kinda struggling with making eyes as realistic as possible WITHOUT a drawing tablet. Because they are pretty expensive for me. So, here my question: Does anyone have any tips or tricks to improve the eyes?
  2. LemonLuuk

    What progression can do.

    That's what you call progression.
  3. LemonLuuk


  4. LemonLuuk

    Cover design. Need help.

    I am very happy with how it turned out but i'm wondering what do to with the text. Like giving it more depth. Tips?
  5. LemonLuuk

    Back at it again.

  6. LemonLuuk

    Im back!

    I've been away for a while and im back. So what do you guys think about these 2 covers?
  7. LemonLuuk

    You guys like it?

    Tips and tricks?
  8. LemonLuuk

    Help me please.. im desperate.

    I can spend hours in photoshop and still end up with nothing. Im doing photoshop since 2010 for a hobby but im still having problems. Since my friends are being upcoming 'artist' and they ask me for making covers i want to do a good job but i cant. My mission for today was making a youtube logo...
  9. LemonLuuk

    Lemonluuk's showroom

  10. LemonLuuk

    What y'all think about my CD cover art?

    Tips n tircks?
  11. LemonLuuk

    Please help me..

    So im back after 1 year. Finally. Now im making rap covers for friends of mine but i really do need help with it.. What can i do to make this look better?
  12. LemonLuuk

    Desert guy. Before x After

    Tips & trick are very welcome!
  13. LemonLuuk

    Rihanna before and after

  14. LemonLuuk

    Melissa Dawson xBefore and after.

    Before After I do not know what I wanted to achieve with this photo.. But I felt I had to do it!
  15. LemonLuuk

    Car wallpaper before and after

  16. LemonLuuk

    250x250 Before and After.

    Before After
  17. LemonLuuk

    Ronnie flex [Rapper]

    before 1800x1200 After 1920x1080
  18. LemonLuuk

    Leauge sig

    Tips and tricks please!
  19. LemonLuuk

    Leauge of Legends Sig's

    You can use these picture's if you like them.
  20. LemonLuuk

    Ashe sig

    Tips and tricks are welcome!