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  1. Camilla

    Any other affiliated site started by Photoshop Gurus?

    Does this groovy, funky Photoshop Gurus site any direct affiliation with any other Adobe helps forum such as Adobe Premiere? I.e perhaps they have created one themselves that I know nothing about yet? Or if not, perhaps this wonderful troop of awesome people have one they can recommend? :cool2:
  2. Camilla

    How to *evenly* curve a *panoramic* image along a circle's circumference?

    Hi! I am at my wits end in searching either YouTube, Google or various Photoshop tutorial pages for an answer to this, to no avail. I need to know how to *evenly* place a panoramic image along a circle's circumference smoothly. :banghead: :runaway: It is important that Stockholm's skyline...
  3. Camilla

    Greetings from Sweden (along with some smoke signals ie cry for help) :D

    Hi Everyone! About 9 years ago I did 2 Photoshop courses by correspondance and have unfortunately forgotton several things.... not to mention that Photoshop has since greatly advanced since then. But in saying so, I have still managed to create some logos for a few individual organisations and...